Graphic Video Shows Removal of Ear Wax Accumulated Over 16 years; Nauseating, Says Wax Whisperer

Audiologist Neel Raithatha removed the wax in the procedure which last more than hour.

Audiologist Neel Raithatha, also known as Wax Whisperer, removed wax from a man's ear which wasn't cleaned for the past 16 years. The graphic video was shared online by the audiologist, who called the experience nauseating.

Earwax or cerumen is a substance secreted to protect the skin of the ear canal against water, bacteria, fungi, and infections from other foreign particles, states The Science Times. The large amount of wax was removed from a single ear canal of the patient.

ear wax
Mounds of earwax, dead skin removed from a patient's single ear.

Patient Was Complaining of Vertigo and Disequilibrium

Raithatha, who frequently shares videos of extracting earwax, fluid, and dead infected skin, said that the patient complained of vertigo, severe pain, and disequilibrium. Adding that the patient had not properly cleaned his ears for about 20 years, the Wax Whispered shared the images of large chunks of wax and dead skin extracted from his ears.

The Science Times stated that the audiologist used an excavation camera to capture the stomach-churning ear canal filled with black and sticky earwax. The patient underwent Radical Mastoidectomy following ear infections, and had his mastoid bone removed from the back of his ear due to which he could not clean his ears regularly for more than a decade, reported the outlet.

Ear Wax Removal Procedure Lasted an Hour

Stating that the entire procedure took an hour, as against the usual five to ten minutes, Raithatha said it was important to remove the entire ball of wax stuck in the canal.

The New York Post quoted the audiologist saying that he became slightly nauseous after looking at the gooey discharge. "I was shocked by just how much earwax and dead skin I removed from a single ear. It was comfortably the largest haul of earwax and dead skin I've ever removed from a single ear. I must admit, I did become slightly nauseous when I saw just how much earwax and dead skin that I removed. I successfully managed to remove the severely impacted earwax and keratin build-up, but it was a very difficult and complex case," he said.

Earwax, which protect ears from water, dirt germs, infection and foreign bodies, usually falls out on its own but, in some cases, it can become blocked.

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