California Disneyland Moves to Texas as Employees Flee Due to Low Pay? Here Is TRUTH

The theme park located in Anaheim was built under the supervision of the Disneyland founder Walt Disney.

A viral claim that California-based Disneyland is being moved to Texas is found to be fake. The hoax stated that the theme park's relocation was announced by the The Walt Disney Company in September 2020.

An iconic part of California for 65 years, the theme park located in Anaheim was inaugurated on July 17, 1955. It was built under the supervision of the founder of Disneyland, Walt Disney, who oversaw each and every detail added to the initial part of park.

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What Started the Fake Claim?

The rumors regarding the closure of the Disneyland in California and subsequent opening in Texas started after Uncle Walt's Insider published a satire piece. Headlined 'Breaking: Disneyland is abandoning California, moving to Texas' the article was published on August 31.

"Saying they've "finally had enough" and the state is "just nuts," Disneyland officials have announced that the park is leaving California," read the article which said that the park, just like the Californians fleeing the state each year.


To make their piece appear even more authentic, the website even quoted a Disney spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) who confirmed Disneyland's move to Texas. "We've been looking at the numbers for quite some time Obviously, we'd prefer to keep the park in the same spot Walt built it. But lately it's become clear that it makes more financial sense to move to Texas. After all, we don't pay our Cast Members enough to actually live in California, so a lot of them have already fled to Texas," the spokesperson told the outlet.

Social Media Users Left Confused

According to Snopes, Uncle Walt's Insider describes itself as: "All events, persons, and companies depicted herein, including Disney, Walt Disney, and The Disney Company, are fictitious, and any similarity to actual persons, living, dead or otherwise, or to actual firms, is coincidental. Really. The same goes for any similarities to actual facts."

Even though the claim was fake, it still cause a panic among the social media users. "So..... DISNEYLAND IS MOVING FROM CALIFORNIA TO FUCKING TEXAS. Today's a sad day," tweeted a user.

"Is Disneyland Abandoning California, Moving to Texas? If I was living in Cali, I would move to," wrote another.

"Come on down @Disneyland. #Texas is a state tax free and the ppl have sense. Not the crazies like," expressed another.

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