GOP Maddison Cawthorn Caught on Video With His Male Staff's Hand on His Crotch as Ethics Complaint Demands Investigation [VIDEO]

The video is one of several exhibits presented in favor of the political group Fire Madison Cawthorn's ethics complaint.

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A new video has emerged that shows troubled GOP Maddison Cawthorn getting his crotch felt by a male staff and friend while sitting in a car. According to, a complaint calling for an investigation into the video was filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics on Thursday.

The scandalous video shows Cawthorn, 26, seated in a car with his close aide and his scheduler Stephen Smith, 23. As they talk, Cawthorn is seen holding Smith's hand and then placing it on his crotch to get a feel of it. The video has now made its way to social media and has since gone viral.

More Scandal

The video is likely to invite more trouble for the scandal-ridden Cawthorn as a complaint has been filed with the Congressional Ethics demanding an investigation into his actions. The bombshell video obtained by, gives a clear view of Cawthorn's actions.

"I feel the passion and want and would like to see a nude body beneath my hands," Cawthorn is heard saying as he sits in the driver's seat, allegedly being videotaped by Smith.

Cawthorn can be seen giggling as the camera returns to Smith, who responds, "Me too." Smith then films himself reaching over Cawthorn's crotch with his hand. The video is one of several exhibits presented in favor of the political group Fire Madison Cawthorn's ethics complaint.

Maddison Cawthorn with Stephen Smith
Maddison Cawthorn seen with Stephen Smith in the scandalous video Twitter

The complaint requests an investigation into a series of actions that the organization claims have put Cawthorn in violation of a number of House Rules.

However, Cawthorn tried to cover up the allegations and tweeted on Thursday, "Many of my colleagues would be nowhere near politics if they had grown up with a cell phone in their hands."

Smith touching Cowthorn's crotch
Smith touching Cowthorn's crotch Twitter

Understandably, Cawthorn is trying to give a different twist to the entire story but that won't help him much given the vast number of complaints related to his behavior and ethics have been lodged by the Fire Madison Cawthorn.

Allegations and Complaints Galore

Cawthorn's relationship with Smit has been the center of several complaints. And although he has denied it, there is innumerable proof surrounding Cawthorn giving away public money and other facilities to Smith. And the money has been misused.

Maddison Cowthorn
Maddison Cowthorn Twitter

Among the many allegations is that a representative for North Carolina's 11th district provided thousands of dollars in loans and gifts to Smith, a staff member with whom Cawthorn is engaged in an improper relationship marked by steamy social media postings.

So much so that they have been reports that Smith even joined Cawthorn on his honeymoon to Dubai in April 2021, according to the complaint. Cawthorn allegedly provided Smith free lodging, travel, and loans, none of which have been recorded or repaid, according to the petition.

"Various social media postings by them indicate a personal relationship between them, separate and apart from the professional relationship of employer and employee," the petition claims.

Maddison Cawthorn with Stephen Smith
Maddison Cawthorn with Stephen Smith Twitter

The complaint also asks for an investigation into Cawthorn's relationship with Smith, who lives with Cawthorn.

According to the outlet, when Cawthorn's spokesman Luke Ball was approached for comment, he said that he would only be able to say anything after watching the video. Ball claimed that Smith and Cawthorn are cousins.

However, the photos and videos submitted as evidence hint at a different relationship. In one photo filed as an exhibit, Cawthorn and Smith appear to be poolside. Cawthorn's arm is seen draped over Smith, who has his head on his boss's shoulder and his hand on Cawthorn's hip.

Maddison Cawthorn with Stephen Smith
Maddison Cawthorn with Stephen Smith Twitter

Another photo shows Smith sitting next to Cawthorn on an ATV, his arm around Cawthorn's shoulder, as the two men enjoy a "snow day" together.

Cawthorn married Cristina Bayardelle, 27, in April 2021, just weeks after he was accused of sexual harassment by a number of former classmates at Patrick Henry College, the northern Virginia college he attended for only one semester in 2016.