FACT CHECK: Was Bill Clinton Photographed with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at The White House?

A photograph of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell speaking with Former US President Bill Clinton captured by White House photographer Ralph Alswang has recently surfaced on the internet drawing attention to Clinton's ties with both Epstein and Maxwell.

Published by The Sun, these pictures emerged days after Maxwell's last court appearance in Manhattan on sex trafficking charges, associated to her supposed possession of minor rape victims for the convicted pedophile. Epstein and Maxwell were invited to the White House on 29th September 1993, where they were photographed with Clinton, after Epstein apparently donated money for the Oval Office's renovation.

According to the NY post, there were reports of the duo touring the East Room and the presidential residence during a reception.

Bill Clinton with Epstein and Maxwell
Clinton speaking with Maxwell and Epstein Twitter

Before these pictures came up, some of the oldest photos connecting the trio were from 2002, where the former US president was photographed onboard Epstein's private jet with Maxwell and one of Epstein's rape accusers. The former president seemingly had a private dinner with Maxwell in 2014, much after Epstein was convicted of child sex abuse.

While Clinton continues to deny ever visiting Epstein's private island in the Bahamas, Virginia Giuffre's claims to be on the island at the same time as Clinton say otherwise. Giuffre was one of the victims of Epstein's sex trafficking ring, NY post reports.

A book released last year 'A Convenient Death- The Mysterious Demise Jeffrey Epstein', even asserts that Clinton had an affair with Maxwell.

The Rolling Stone wrote, there have been quite a few previous occasions which saw Former President Clinton's name been linked into Epstein's circle of high-powered acquaintances, the most recent was during Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial in 2021.

The Wire also brings into focus Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking operation that saw Epstein's friendship with Clinton highlighted through 17 visits to the White House in the midst of Maxwell's trial in 2021 with claims of Clinton raising money and meeting Epstein from the moment his presidency began.

Bill Clinton with Epstein and Maxwell
Clinton shaking hands with Epstein while Maxwell looks on Twitter

The Rolling Stone magazine captioned the aforementioned pictures as a "VIP tour", However, Snopes, a fact-checking website, confirms that a spokesperson for the Clinton library and Museum described that "'tour' might not be the right way to address these images." The spokesperson explained to the American monthly magazine, "the president made brief remarks for the White House Restoration Project event, then greeted individuals present."

Maxwell and Epstein
Maxwell with Epstein Twitter

Other proofs provided by the spokesperson include, a link to the Clinton Digital Library, part of the National Archives website, wherein the then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was also in the audience, it read, "President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton host a reception for 'The Donors to the White House Restoration Project of 1993' in the Blue Room and the Green Room."

In addition to this was public link too, which supplied more information about the event. "These images were released through a Freedom of Information Act request, FOIA case # 2006-1135-F, segment 85." The spokesperson further added that, "the public can access the finding aid the processing archivist" available at the Clinton Digital Library under 'All Presidential Series Photographs from the Clinton Administration taken from September 27, 1993 and September 29, 1993 through September 30, 1993'

Chelsea Clinton's wedding
Maxwell snapped at Chelsea Clinton's wedding Twitter

What's more, there have been other incidents which further solidify the relations between Former President Clinton with both Epstein and Maxwell. The most well-known being Chelsea Clinton's wedding where they can be seen in attendance.

According to New York Magazine's Intelligencer report on 18th June 2010, before the wedding took place, Chelsea apparently had a firm policy on the guests for the event. The article, revealed through "bride-side sources" said that Chelsea "instituted a strict no-strangers policy" and that "she must personally know every invitee."

These incidents hence, justify the Clinton family's ties with Epstein and Maxwell and prove that the pictures of Clinton photographed with the latter were not fabricated at all. Ghislaine Maxwell is currently incarcerated, and is awaiting sentencing while Jeffrey Epstein took his own life after being jailed for rape in 2019.