Goo Hara revealed vital clues on KakaoTalks chatroom case before her death

On Tuesday, reporter Kang told SBS News about Goo's help in the KakaoTalks chatroom case

In the wake of the death of K-Pop star Goo Hara, celebrities including T.O.P also known as Choi Seung-hyun, took to social media and other platforms to offer kind words and sentiments about their relationship with her. During one such interview came the revelation from SBS funE reporter Kang Kyun Yoon.

Kang did one of the earliest reports on the case involving Jung Joon Young, who was caught taking intimate videos with women without their permission and distributing it on chatrooms. According to Kang, Goo Hara had played a vital role in the chatroom case involving Jung.

Goo Hara
Goo Hara Instagram/ Goo Hara

KakaoTalk Chatroom and leaked videos

Kang was acquainted with Goo Hara after the latter voluntarily called Kang to help her with the case reporting involving the KakaoTalks chatroom which involved two popular stars from Korean industry. Goo felt very affected by the case and had contacted Kang in order to help her.

Goo was previously in a similar situation where her previous partner had filmed her without her knowledge during their intimate moments and had threatened her with the video. She was a target of online bullying even after Choi Jung Bum, her ex-boyfriend, was given suspended jail term for the harassment.

Kang had asked Goo to be strong and not make the wrong choice

Kang made an appearance on SBS's show called "Joo Young Jin's News briefing" and shared details on how Goo was helping the investigation. On the day when the news of singer Sulli's unfortunate death came into the light, Kang had contacted Goo Hara and asked her to be strong and requested her not to make the wrong choice.

T.O.P, while sharing his friendship with Goo, released two screenshots of his conversation with the star which showed her reaching out and wishing him on his birthday. On a different occasion, she was seen asking whether he had watched her new video. She was seen as an ambitious and hardworking person in the industry.