Chatroom videos may prove singer Jung Joon-young guilty of sexual harassment

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South Korean stars Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hun are set to appear in their sixth trial for their involvement in the chatroom controversy. It was revealed that the chatroom contained videos and photos that may prove that rape was committed against a woman by Jung and other men.

During the first trial for the case, which took place on July 16, all five of the accused denied having committed sexual acts against the woman, Allkpop reported.

Jung Joon-young's lawyer denied that he ever made plans to rape anyone and that he did not have carnal knowledge with the accuser while she was unconscious. His lawyer also denied the sexual assault charges made against the singer-actor.

Jung, however, admitted to charges of filming the incident.

Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun, who initially submitted the report against Jung to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, said that about 10 photos and videos show signs of sexual harassment.

Bang has contacted some of the women that were in those photos, but most of them had no recollection of the incident. He described the one woman in the illegally filmed footages as unconscious.

"She had her eyes shut, seemed unconscious and her body was slouched. It's clearly rape," Bang said during the interview.

Six members of the chatroom also featured in some of the photos and videos and out of those six people, four engaged in acts suspected of rape.

However, one woman came forward and claimed that she was raped by Choi. The woman told a Korean cable TV show that she once woke up and found herself naked and Choi was beside her.

After the chatroom messages got leaked together with the names of the K-pop artists allegedly involved, she suspected that she may have been gang-raped by five men, including Choi and Jung. She added that she has known Jung since 2012.

The alleged rape took place sometime in 2016 after she blacked out after drinking with Choi and his group. At the time of the alleged rape incident, the woman was unconscious and could not remember anything. She said that the men continued to communicate with her as if nothing malicious happened.

Choi had denied raping the said woman but admitted that they were together on that day in 2016.

This article was first published on September 23, 2019