Golden Disc Awards: Here is the Complete Winners' List of Album Division [Day 2 Photos]

The curtains for the 35th Golden Disc Awards have been dropped on Sunday, 10 January. The two-day event honoured the talents from the Korean music industry.

Golden Disc Awards 2021
BTS Performance at the Golden Disc Awards 2021. Golden Disc Awards Twitter Account

The first day of the award ceremony honoured the talents from the digital division and the second day dealt with album division. Lee Seung-gi and Park So-dam hosted the first day, while Sung Si-kyung and Lee Da-hee were the hosts on the day two of the event.

Second Day Performances and Winners:

The day two of Golden Disc Awards was packed with the performances of some of the big names from the Korean music industry. NCT127, GOT7, Seventeen, TWICE, GIDLE, TXT, Straykids, Treasure, Enhypen and La Poem thrilled the audience with their brilliant performances.

Complete Winners' List of Day two:

1. Rookie Artist Award – ENHYPEN

2. Rookie Artist Award – TREASURE

3. Rookie Artist Award – Kim Ho Joong

4. Bonsang Award – NCT

5. Bonsang Award – EXO

6. Cosmopolitan Artist Award – NCT 127

7. Best Performance Award – (G)I-DLE

8. Best Performance Award – Stray Kids

9. Best OST Award – Jo Jung Suk "Aloha" (Hospital Playlist OST)

10. Bonsang Award – EXO's Baekhyun

11. Bonsang Award – TXT

12. QQ Music Fan's Choice K-Pop Artist Award – EXO

13. Bonsang Award – GOT7

14. Bonsang Award – BLACKPINK

15. Bonsang Award – TWICE

16. Bonsang Award – SEVENTEEN

17. Curaprox Golden Disc Popularity Award – BTS

18. Bonsang Award – NCT 127

19. Bonsang Award – BTS

20. Album Daesang – BTS MAP OF THE SOUL : 7

Day 1 Winners and Performances:

Golden Disc Awards 2021
TWICE thrills audience with a performance at 35th Golden Disc Awards 2021. Instagram

This year, the celebration was different since there was no live audience due to Covid-19 pandemic. The talents turned up to the ceremony wearing masks and followed social distancing norms. Pics and Videos from Day 1

Jong Hwa Park, Nu'est, Lee Seung Gi, Jessi, Noel, MAMAMOO, Hwasa, Oh My Girl, Love Killa, Lim Young-woong, ITZY, Changmo, Loona and The Boyz performed on stage on the first day.

1. Next Generation Artist Award – LOONA

2. Next Generation Artist Award – THE BOYZ

3. Bonsang Award – BLACKPINK

4. Bonsang Award – MAMAMOO's Hwasa

5. Golden Choice Award – NU'EST

6. Best R&B HIPHOP Award – CHANGMO

7. Bonsang Award – ITZY

8. Bonsang Award – Red Velvet

9. Trend of the Year – ZICO

10. Best Trot Award – Lim Young Woong

11. Best Group Award – MONSTA X

12. Bonsang Award – OH MY GIRL

13. Bonsang Award – ZICO

14. Bonsang Award – Noel

15. Bonsang Award – MAMAMOO

16. Best Solo Artist Award – Jessi

17. Best Ballad Award – Lee Seung Gi

18. Bonsang Award – IU

19. Bonsang Award – BTS

20. Daesang – IU's "Blueming"

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