Girls' Generation Seohyun talks about difficulties of being in entertainment industry

Girls' Generation Seohyun is the latest muse of star 1 magazine

Girls Generation's, Seohyun, shares downfall of being a part of the entertainment industry Facebook

Girls' Generation Seohyun is quite happy with her celebrity status, however, the singer reveals that it's not easy to be in the public eye 24*7. Having been under the label for 15 years, the youngest member of the girl group seldom gets time to spend time with her dear ones.

Seohyun exhibited her inhibitions in a recent interaction with the star1 magazine. The singer said that she started with her K-pop career quite young and she has no regrets about her decision. Howbeit, she feels there are some constraints she needs to adhere to.

Explaining pros and cons, the 25-year-old asserted: "Because I've been living this way since my trainee days, I have little time to spend with family and friends, so that's the downfall."

"Back when I was in school, I wanted to spend more time with my friends and go eat out but I had to go to the practice room right away. But being a celebrity doesn't mean working 365 days, so when I'm off, I make sure to have a lot of fun. I also tell my friends my schedule ahead of time so they can make time for me," the JjaLaJaJJa singer said.

Apparently, the idol was planning to fly abroad for her studies, but destiny had something else stored for her. Seohyun said that getting selected as an SM artist changed her life: "I was preparing to study abroad in the U.S. with my cousin, but I was cast by SM in the 5th grade. My cousin went to the U.S, and I started training. Originally, my dream was to become a pianist or a ballerina," she revealed.


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