Girl's Day's Hyeri recalls troublesome kiss scene with Park Bo Gum in Reply 1988

Park Bo Gum and Hyeri worked together in Reply 1988.

Girl's Day's Hyeri's nose created trouble while filming a kiss scene with Park Bo Gum Instagram/hyeri_0609

Girl's Day's Hyeri has opened up about her kiss scene with Park Bo Gum in Reply 1988. The 22-year-old artist talked about her not-so-romantic experience during the shoot.

During the latest episode of JTBC's Ask Us Antything, Hyeri admitted her nose became a problem when she had to film the scene. She said: "It's actually hard for me to kiss because of how big my nose is."

"When I was filming a kiss scene with Park Bo Gum, my nose got in the way and we had to film the scene again because of that. He was really flustered because of it," she said.

Hyeri had previously dished about the kissing scene on KBS's Entertainment Weekly. She said: "I was really nervous. I felt shy, especially because we're good friends."

Hyeri revealed: "There were a lot of retakes. It was our first kiss [between our characters] so we had no idea what to do. Park Bo Gum led the first kiss because it was supposed to be a warm and romantic first kiss, but we ended up bumping noses instead."

In 2016, during a press conference for the promotion of Hong Kong's viu TV, Bo Gum had also talked about the kiss scene with Hyeri. He said: "Honestly, that was the first kiss scene for me and Hyeri who played Deok Seon. That's why I was very shy and embarrassed, but I pretended nothing was the matter and feigned calmness."