Gigi Hadid's Explosive 'Organ Harvesting' Accusations Against Israel Rock Social Media

Demand for supermodel's ouster grows

In a recent Instagram story, 28-year-old TV personality and model Gigi Hadid, known for her pro-Palestine stance, accused Israel of engaging in "organ harvesting" from deceased Palestinians without their consent. The claim, shared via a Newsweek report, alleges that Israeli authorities have been involved in this practice for years.

Gigi Hadid

This bold assertion by Hadid triggered a swift and strong response on social media platforms. Netizens, particularly those supporting Israel, expressed outrage, calling for Hadid's modeling agency, IMG, to sever ties with her. A screenshot of her Instagram story circulated on various platforms, with one post on X (formerly Twitter) from Visegrád 24 captioned, "Gigi Hadid has started spreading antisemitic blood libel conspiracy theories about Israel harvesting organs of Palestinians."

Pro-Israeli users were particularly incensed by the video shared by Hadid, with some demanding a complete cancellation of both Gigi and her sister Bella. A user on X addressed IMG, stating, "@IMG, @IMGmodels do you support these antisemitic statements of Gigi Hadid? If not, please stop working with her."

Critics were vocal about their condemnation of Hadid's actions, with one user stating, "Gigi Hadid has always been trash, but this is straight-up vile antisemitic blood libel. She should be dropped by every contract and agency," according to the outlet.

On Saturday, November 25, the former Victoria's Secret model further fueled the controversy with a statement on her Instagram story. Hadid remarked, "Israel sees any Palestinian as a 'terrorist,' any person supporting Palestinian rights as an 'antisemite,' and any Jew opposed to the government's actions as 'self-hating' – even telling them to denounce their Judaism. So... everyone's lying and wrong, except Israel?! If it wasn't so evil & disturbing, it would be comedic." The fallout from her statements continues to unfold as social media remains abuzz with reactions and discussions surrounding the model's controversial stance.