'Get a New Handyman': Orsolya Gaal Had Tipped Off Police By Posting Note on Refrigerator That Helped Arrest David Bonola

According to police, Gaal had posted a note on her refrigerator that read "GET A NEW HANDYMAN" before she was brutally stabbed to death.

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David Bonola, the handyman lover who killed Queen mom Orsolya Gaal has finally been arrested and has confessed to her murder. However, it took almost a week for the NYPD to trace and arrest Bonola, 44, although they had suspected him from the beginning. And that was because Gaal appeared to have tipped off police before being killed.

According to police, Gaal had posted a note on her refrigerator that read "GET A NEW HANDYMAN" before she was brutally stabbed to death. Investigators came across the note last weekend after her murder and started looking for the handman, who they believed to be a person of interest.

Gaal Tipped Off Police

David Bonola and Orsolya Gaal
David Bonola and Orsolya Gaal Twitter

According to a New York Post report, Gaal unknowingly had tipped off police about her then-suspected murderer before being killed on Saturday. The note posted on her refrigerator read: 'GET A NEW HANDYMAN'.

Detectives discovered the handwritten memo inside Gaal's Forest Hills house last weekend, after they started their investigation into the tragic death of Gaal, whose body was discovered Saturday morning stuffed inside a hockey bag outside of Forest Park, according to sources.

The note appeared to be a reference to Bonola, 44, Gaal's family's heating and air conditioning repairman, according to The Daily Beast. Bonola was arrested Thursday and charged with her murder, according to The Daily Beast.

David Bonola
David Bonola Facebook

Although police remained tightlipped throughout the investigation except for saying that the murderer knew Gaal and there was no forced entry into her house, they seemed to be on right track.

Bonola, who they had been suspecting form the beginning, confessed to cops and then made a second confession on video for the prosecutors on Thursday after his arrest. The alleged killer admitted to detectives that he had an on-again, off-again relationship with the married mother of two, and that they had reunited earlier this month before splitting up again.

Murder of Passion

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal Twitter

It is still not known what exactly went wrong between Gaal and Bonola that he decided to murder her. According to police, it wasn't a premeditated murder.

According to detectives, Bonola went up to Gaal's stately Tudor home in Forest Hills in the early hours of Saturday morning to discuss their relationship, but when the talk became sour, he allegedly flew into a passion and stabbed her roughly 60 times with a kitchen knife.

David Bonola
NYPD shows a photo of David Bonola captured in a surveillance camera after killing Orsolya Gaal Twitter

According to sources, once Gaal was dead, he panicked and allegedly stuffed her mutilated body into a hockey bag belonging to her 13-year-old son because he "didn't want the family to find" her body.

Bonola is accused of rolling the duffel bag through Forest Hills on his way to his Richmond Hill house, then dropping it outside of Forest Park, leaving a trail of blood leading back to Gaal's side door.

Bonola lives in Richmond Hill, Queens, just a few blocks from where Gaal and her family used to dwell.

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal's body being stuffed in a bag and dragged by the killer Twitter

Bonola had previously been married and had two sons with a woman who had later died. He had also served in the Mexican army, according to a local.

On Thursday evening, Bonola made his first court appearance after confessing to the savage murder and being seen on security footage with bandages on his hands hours later. Queens District Attorney Katz vowed that Bonola "will be held to account for this horrific crime."

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal Twitter

"Two boys are left without a mother and a young teenager faces the added trauma of being home when this heinous murder took place," Katz said in a statement.

"As alleged, the defendant stabbed the victim over 50 times and then attempted to dispose of the body by stuffing it into a duffel bag and dragging it across a quiet residential neighborhood – leaving a trail of blood and a terrified community," she added.