Georgia Toffolo Suffers Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction as She Flashes Boobs to Her Fans While Getting Ready for Christmas Party [WATCH]

Although Toffolo ended up flashing her left boob, she remained unfazed and even uploaded the video clip, which has now been viewed by millions.

Georgia Toffolo suffered a major wardrobe malfunction ending up flashing one of her boobs to her millions of fans. The incident happened when one of Toffolo's breasts slipped out of her blazer in a hilarious video shared on Instagram. The video which is still available on Toffolo's Instagram account has since gone viral.

The 29-year-old Made in Chelsea personality was preparing for a festive agency Christmas party and sought help from her Instagram followers. However, her daring wardrobe mishap involving her breasts put her at risk of violating Instagram's content guidelines. Although Toffolo took the entire thing quite sportingly, her video of her flashing her boobs has since gone viral.

Unexpected Wardrobe Malfunction

Georgia Toffolo
Georgia Toffolo seen accidentally flashing her boob while giving a glimpse of her Christmas party outfit X

The 2017 I'm A Celebrity champion, who said that she was feeling "so stressed," showcased multiple striking outfits just twenty minutes before the scheduled start of the Christmas party, the Daily Star reported. However, she acknowledged that these outfits might be too revealing for the elegant festive event taking place at her home.

"The Christmas party that I'm hosting at the house starts in 20 minutes, and I don't know what to wear," she admitted. "Everyone is having a nice time and I'm freaking out."

However, the situation took a turn for the worse when Toffolo unveiled her striking black blazer with a plunging neckline and matching trousers. Opting to go braless, she relied on a stylish necklace to cover for her cleavage.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be her undoing as she accidentally exposed her breast while stepping toward the camera and adjusting her trousers, which were not properly fastened. Realizing the mishap, she reacted in shock, exclaiming, "Oh my god!"

Georgia Toffolo
Georgia Toffolo Instagram

Although Toffolo ended up flashing her left boob, she remained unfazed and even uploaded the video clip, which has now been viewed by millions.

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Earlier in the video, she showcased her petite black bubble dress paired with long leather boots and a black clutch bag. Realizing the potential for the accidental boob flash, she humorously remarked, "That's one inch away from pu** on show," followed by a big laugh while questioning if she was allowed to make such a cheeky comment.

Her second outfit was equally stunning — a transparent beige mesh dress complemented by a Dior clutch bag. While fans undoubtedly appreciated her look, they likely couldn't help but notice the wardrobe malfunction.

"Definitely the 3rd one (with boob tape) and it's Christmas! No such thing as too much at Christmas x", wrote one. Another user wrote: "Babe if you got it, flaunt it! Love the boots and bubble dress so cute."