Gaza Hospital Used as Military Hub, Admits Director; Staff Members Identified as Hamas Operatives

Kahlot also blamed Hamas leadership for suffering of Palestinians.

In a shocking revelation, Ahmad Kahlot, the director of Kamal Adwan Hospital, has admitted to being a senior Hamas commander. During a taped confession to the Israeli security service Shin Bet after his recent arrest, Kahlot disclosed how the hospital was transformed into an operational hub for the terror group, even housing a kidnapped Israeli soldier.

Gaza Hospital Director
Director of a Gaza hospitals admits to being a Hamas Commander

In a video released on Tuesday, Kahlot, dressed in an Israeli jail uniform and seated in front of the national flag, detailed his affiliation with Hamas since 2010, holding a rank equivalent to a brigadier general. He further unveiled that approximately 16 hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and clerks, were also members of Hamas' military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

According to Kahlot, the hospital had been turned into an elaborate military hub, hosting up to 100 Hamas terrorists for several days before relocating to another site. Some of the group's leaders even had offices with private phone lines within the hospital.

"There is a designated space for interrogations, internal security, and special security," Kahlot revealed during his interrogation by Shin Bet.

Questioned on why the hospital was chosen as a hideout, Kahlot explained, "Because from their perspective, the hospital is a safe place. They won't be harmed inside the hospital."

The shocking confession also included Hamas using the hospital's private ambulance service to transport bodies tied to its Oct. 7 massacre and bringing a kidnapped Israeli soldier to the facility.

During his revelation, Kahlot did not disclose the fate of the kidnapped soldier but criticized other Hamas leaders. Hamas chief had some choice words for other leaders of his terror organization — blasting them as "cowards. and also blamed Hamas leadership for sacrificing them.

"They left us out in the open while they have gone into hiding," he said. "The people are the ones who got screwed.

Israeli forces conducted a raid on Kamal Adwan Hospital on Dec. 12, rounding up approximately 90 suspected Hamas terrorists and seizing numerous weapons. A video capturing the operation went viral. A World Health Organization official confirmed on Monday that the hospital is no longer functioning, with all patients evacuated.

Israel has consistently claimed that Hamas uses hospitals in Gaza as covert military bases.