Touching Moment 9-Year-Old Ohad Munder is Reunited with His Family as He Runs into His Father's Arms After Being Held Hostage by Hamas for 49 Days [WATCH]

Doctors have conducted preliminary examinations on the patients, and all are reported to be in good physical condition, according to a statement.

A touching video has emerged that captures the moment a nine-year-old Israeli boy ran into his father's arms as he was reunited with his family after being held captive by Hamas terrorists in Gaza for 49 days. This comes as Hamas is set to release another 14 hostages today in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, following the release of 24 hostages on Friday.

The 24 hostages released included 13 Israeli women and children. The terrorist group also released 10 Thai nationals. Most of the Israeli hostages released by Hamas on Friday are reported to be in "good health," as announced by Schneider's Children's Medical Centre, the facility receiving them in Israel.

Heartbreaking Moment

Ohad Munder
A female security guard is seen pointing at Ohad Munder's father as he watches X

Ohad Munder, one of the released hostages, can be seen in the video walking through the children's hospital where he and three other children, along with four mothers, were sent for medical care. An official is seen pointing out his father, who was standing several feet away.

The young boy then waved to his father before sprinting down the corridor and into his open arms. He was picked up and embraced, marking the end of his harrowing ordeal as a hostage.

Ohad's older brother then pats him on the head while he's held in the air by his father before catching sight of his mother, Keren Monder, and quickly rushes over to embrace her.

Other freed hostages are then seen reuniting with and embracing their family members.

Doctors have conducted preliminary examinations on the patients, and all are reported to be in good physical condition, according to a statement.

Adriana Adar, the granddaughter of one of the hostages, Yafa Adar, 85, celebrated her return to Israel. She became recognizable after being transported into Gaza by Hamas terrorists aboard a golf cart.

Ohad Munder
Ohad Munder is seen waiving at his father after he spots his family X

Her granddaughter wrote on Facebook: "She is here! Beautiful grandma is here! Healthy, beautiful, Pantra! Thank you with Israel! Thank you to everyone who was, accompanied, supported. First drop in the sea, waiting for you Tamir Adar, waiting for everyone! All of them! Right now, right now!!"

Posting a photo of Yafa sitting with family, she wrote: "This is the picture we waited 49 days for. Now we will bring Tamir and all the kidnapped people!

"Right now!"

End of Captivity

This marks a second day of hope for distressed Israeli families under the four-day ceasefire exchange deal, following seven weeks of conflict that resulted in thousands of casualties. Another 14 hostages are expected to be released.

Ohad Munder
Ohad Munder is seen running toward his father before they embrace each other X

This will be the second exchange since a four-day ceasefire took effect on Friday, bringing a significant reduction in hostilities on both sides.

Israeli security officials were in the process of reviewing the list, as stated by the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Israeli government's vow to secure the release of all hostages taken by Hamas in an attack on Israel that occurred on October 7.

Ohad Munder
Ohad Munder's older brother seen embracing their mother who was also one of the hostages released by Hamas X

On Friday, the first day of the truce, Hamas released 24 hostages, as reported by the key mediator Qatar and an official Israeli list. This group included 13 Israelis, all of whom were women and children (some with dual citizenship), along with 10 Thais and one Filipino.

A two-minute video released by Hamas shows masked militants with rifles, dressed in military fatigues and the green headband of its armed wing, handing the hostages over to Red Cross officials.

In response, Israel released 39 women and children from its prisons.