Free Bitcoin (BTC) Worth $15? Coinbase App Crashes After Attractive Super Bowl Ad

Crypto exchange platform Coinbase crashed a few seconds after screening a simple ad featuring a QR code on the big screen during Sunday's Super Bowl LVI. The unique and almost 60 seconds long commercial was seen bouncing on the screen reminding viewers of the bouncing DVD logo. Once scanned by first time users, crypto exchange Coinbase's promotional website offered users a limited promotion of free Bitcoin worth $15.

Soon after the launch of the super bowl ad, the Coinbase app crashed as an estimated 117 million people across the globe were watching the latest commercial, according to the Daily Mail.

Reportedly, the promotion will remain valid until a day post Valentine's Day 2022 that is February 15. However, the cryptocurrency trend and the new traders/investors getting a solid deal out of the commercial was possibly the reason for crashing of the app.

Coinbase crash
web screen grab

The Super Bowl is a huge event for every brand when it comes to targeting the masses and it usually has slots booked much before the event starts. It has been learned that Coinbase reportedly spent Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTCs) worth a whopping $14 million to air the super bowl commercial.

Moreover, the social media users flooded the internet with comments regarding the commercial. "I should be asleep, but I just realized that Coinbase commercial might be the start of something not so good (even though the marketer in me enjoyed). I think random QR codes are going to be the next medium for bad guys," one of the social media users tweeted.

Another said, "The Coinbase super bowl commercial was creative, I'm sure at least one person scanned per household," while a third user commented, "I'm calling it now, @coinbase started a new commercial marketing trend."

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange platform for buying, selling and exchanging digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Ripple, Polygon among others. Coinbase boasts that it's the easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The official state says it offers a trustworthy and easy platform to access "broader crypto economy".