Former Afghan Minister Tweets Horrifying Images of Children Killed and Mutilated By Taliban

Questions were raised over the authenticity of the images of badly mutilated kids shared by former interior minister of Afghanistan, Masoud Andarabi. In a tweet, Andarabi claimed that the images were of kids and older people killed by Taliban.

Following the exit of U.S. forces from the country, Afghanistan was taken over by armed Taliban militants with two weeks. Former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani fled the country as armed militia neared Kabul.

Former Afghan Minister Masoud Andarabi
Former Afghan Minister Masoud Andarabi (inset) shared images of kids and elder people allegedly killed by Taliban. Twitter

Andrabi Shares Gory Images of Mutilated Kids

Earlier in March, Ghani had sacked Andarabi following a series of attacks against the country's security forces. In a tweet, the former interior minister said that that Taliban are 'trying to rule over people by terrorizing, killing young children and elderly citizens'.

"Taliban are trying to rule over people by terrorizing, killing young children and elderly citizens. Taliban can not govern the nation by such actions. In Andarab, Taliban have been carrying out unwarranted searches of homes, capturing people without reason or justification and killing innocent citizens. As a result, people have had to rise against their brutality to protect their lives, honor, dignity and property," he wrote in the tweet.

The tweet was accompanied by images showing mutilated bodies of children and elderly. The tweet emerged after Andarabi said that that people will continue to fight against Taliban rule. "I think there will be backs and pushes and resistance. It shows that if the Taliban do not adjust to today's Afghanistan, these pocket resistances will keep popping up. The resistance will continue in any form across the country," he told an Indian media outlet according to Metro.

The former minister also insisted that if the Taliban wants to gather support, the group should form an elected government and not an undemocratic 'emirate'.

Social Media Users Divided Over the Images

Despite Andarabi claiming that the act in the images was the handiwork of Taliban, there were several who questioned the authenticity of his claim.

"What is the proof that TB did this ?? without any evidence you are blaming them ???" tweeted a user as another replied, "Their proof is only they are anti taliban because their propaganda sells in the mainstream media."

"Can you prove it? I've been looking but I can't find them anywhere else," wrote a user. "Is this actually verified, or should we just believe this coward!" read a comment on the tweet.

Andarabi was also criticized by the social media users. "You were silent when you were working for Ghani, shame on you," said one. "It is the result of ur work in ministry of interior," blamed another.

"Dont cry and do drama. 20 yrs Americans tried to help you. What dafak you did," read a tweet. "You havent share any pic of US and NATO forces when they bombarded civilians and childeren?" read another.

There were few others too who were left shocked by the images shared by the former minister and expressed their sympathies.