Forget Crash Landing on You fame, here is why North Koreans will not fall for Hyun Bin, says defector

YouTuber Park Yoo Sung released a video in his channel North Korean Man stating three reasons why Hyun Bin doesn't suit the beauty standards of North Korean women

Hyun Bin was the top trending topic as well as the top keyword in search window following the fame he garnered with his latest drama Crash Landing on You. He played a captain from North Korea.

Apart from his acting skills and a strong plot, his handsomeness was also one of the most talked-about facts in South Korea. But it is not the same for North Korean audience, says top defector and YouTuber Park Yoo Sung.

Why Hyun Bin cannot attract North Korean women?

Hyun Bin

Popular YouTuber Park Yoo Sung who is a defector from North Korea and runs a channel 'North Korean Man'. He recently released a new programme on his channel with title, "3 things North Koreans are scared of." The first thing he discussed was beauty standards according to North Koreans. Whereas Crash Landing on You showed Hyun Bin as Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok who not only becomes a heartthrob of South Korean girl but also the women of all walks of life in North Korea.

But according to Park, explaining Hyun Bin's beauty is "suspicious" as he doesn't think North Korean women will consider the actor as a dashing heartthrob. The main problem with Hyun Bin is his tall but not hefty look. Park says skinny men don't make anywhere near beauty standards in North Korea. The YouTuber says in his show that "It's a bit suspicious that a North Korean would say Hyun Bin is handsome (in Crash Landing on You)."

The second factor that Hyun Bin lacks is a potbelly. The YouTuber stated that big bellies command respect in North Korea. Being chubby is said to be a sign of wealth. He even says that most wealthy people in North Korea are on a heftier side with chubby looks and large bellies. The third factor that keeps Hyun Bin far from the competition is the flesh under bones.

A man with boney cheeks and a fit body does not attract North Korean men, Park says. Giving an example he said Korean-American actor Ma Dong Seok is likely to attract more North Korean women.

North Korea and Coronavirus

Park even said that leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un put on weight in order to gain the trust of high-ranking officials in the upper echelons of Pyongyang. However, at a time when the entire world is fighting against coronavirus, North Korea is still claiming that it has no deaths reported due to the pandemic nor there are any confirmed cases.

According to North Korea, coronavirus has not affected the country even a tiny bit, even when it borders South Korea and China the two countries that have reported thousands of deaths due to the pandemic.

Watch Park Yoo Sung's video here:

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