Itaewon Class finale records highest rating: Park Bo Gum's entry a hint for season 2?

Itaewon Class records highest rating with its final episode, Park Bo Gum's entry opens up two possibilities and fans are demanding part 2 of the successful drama

The final episode of the much talked about drama Itaewon Class was aired on March 22 and the ratings recorded were 16.548 percent nationwide and 18.328 percent in Seoul according to AGB Neilsen. This is the best rating the drama has received.

Itaewon Class has recorded the second highest rating in the history of JTBC in terms of viewership after Sky Castle. The latter had recorded 23.779 percent viewership in the last episode, nationwide; whereas Seoul recorded 24.357 percent viewership.

What did Park Bo Gum's entry indicate?

Park Bo Gum Park Seo Joon
Park Bo Gum and Park Seo Joon Instagram

Park Seo Joon-Kim Da Mi starrer Itaewon Class has been a hit mostly among the youths and fans have expressed their desire to see part 2 of the drama. But the production company has not spoken anything about season 2 for the successful drama.

But Park Bo Gum's entry has opened two new possibilities, opine fans on social media. Firstly, this is Park Bo Gum's appearance in Korean drama after more than one year post his previous drama Encounter opposite Song Hye Kyo, released in November 2018.

Park Bo Gum makes his entry into Itaewon Class as a chef waiting to be appointed at Soo Ah (Kwon Nara's) new restaurant after she quits Jangga. Of course, enchanted not only by Park Bo Gum's looks but also by his cooking skills, Kwon Nara appoints him in her new restaurant where both exchange an enchanting moment that has got the hopes of the fans up that there is going to be season 2 of Itaewon Class.

Another possibility is Park Bo Gum joining military service as his haircut depicted in the drama. Bo Gum donnes short (military-like) haircut and fans are wondering if the actor is all set for his military enlistment. Speaking earlier, Bo Gum had told that he wants to enlist when the time is right and doesn't want it too be too late for mandatory military service.

Season 2 in the making?

Rooting for Aoo Ah and Bo Gum a fan says, "Park Seojoon chose Yi-Seo over Soo Ah. Well, I would like to see part 2.I would love to see Soo Ah and Park Bo Gum. They look gooood together!" "I love that Soo Ah's getting a chance to have her own life, I'd love a season 2 where we can see everyone's relationship develop," says another fan.

But will there be a part 2? Would you love to see Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi or Kwon Nara and Park Bo Gum as the lead pair if there is season 2 of Itaewon Class.