Felix Verdejo Punched and Drugged Pregnant Mistress Before Killing Her; Shot at the Drowning Body (Video)

Graphic details into the death of pet groomer Keishla Rodriguez emerged, after her lover Félix Verdejo turned himself in to federal agents on Sunday night. Rodriguez, who was pregnant, was reported missing since Thursday morning, the day she was to show her pregnancy reports to the married boxer, after she failed to show up at work.

Rodríguez' mutilated body was found and removed by the authorities after it was found floating in a lagoon near Carolina, Puerto Rico, on Saturday afternoon. According to multiple reports, the badly disfigured body of the pregnant pet groomer could only be identified with the help of dental records.

Felix Verdejo
Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo has surrendered to the federal agents in the disappearance of his mistress. Twitter

Verdejo Shot Pregnant Lover After Throwing Her in Water

According to the criminal complaint filed against the former lightweight boxing champion, it was reported that Verdejo had punched Keishla Rodriguez in the face and injected her with a syringe filled with an unidentified substance. The substance was purchased from a drug point in Llorenes Torres.

After disfiguring her face, Verdejo then tied Rodriguez arms and feet with wire. The unconscious and drugged Rodriguez was then allegedly transported by Verdejo in his Dodge Durango while another person, witness mentioned in the criminal complaint, drove her car to the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge between San Juan and Carolina.

The complaint states that the boxer and his accomplice drove onto the bridge, "where the victim was removed from the vehicle and tossed off the side of the bridge and into the water." According to the complaint, Verdejo then shot at Rodriguez from the bridge, after which point Rodriguez's car was later abandoned. A shell casing was also found at the bridge, along with blood stains.

FBI Special Agent Lorenzo Villanova Perez, was quoted by Boxing Scene stating, "Based on the above facts, the undersigned affiant believes there is probable cause to charge Felix Verdejo Sanchez with violating the following Federal law." He was charged under Title 18 United States Code, Sections 2119(3) (carjacking resulting in death), 1201 (kidnapping resulting in death), 1841 (intentionally killing unborn child), according to the outlet.

Verdejo Wanted the Pregnancy Terminated

Earlier, accusing the boxer behind her daughter's disappearance, Rodríguez's mother, Keila Ortiz, said that the couple knew each other since middle school.

Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz
Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz was missing since Thursday morning. Twitter

"He was threatening her not to have her baby. We are very happy because it is her first baby. We were happy with the news that she was going to be a mom. She told him, calm down, I will have her baby, you don't have to recognize it. My baby's name (will carry) my last name, calm down. I'm not going to bother you. And he told her no, that he is a public figure, that he (was worried about his career in) boxing," said the mother.

Claiming that in her last call with her mother on Thursday morning at 7.00 am, Rodríguez said that she was at her apartment waiting for Verdejo to arrive so she could provide him the results of a blood test that confirmed she was expecting with him. Verdejo, who is married to Eliz Marie Santiago, has a two-year-old-daughter.