Did Boxer Felix Verdejo Kill His Pregnant Mistress? Conspiracy Theory After Keishla Rodríguez Death

Former lightweight boxing champion Felix Verdejo was described as 'Person of Interest' after his pregnant mistress disappeared. Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz, a pet groomer, was reported missing since Thursday morning, the day she was to show her pregnancy reports to the married boxer, after she failed to show up at work.

According to multiple reports, Rodríguez' body was found and removed by the authorities after it was found floating in a lagoon near Carolina, Puerto Rico, on Saturday afternoon.

Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz
Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz has been missing since Thursday morning. Twitter

Verdejo Had Threatened Mistress to Undergo an Abortion

Stating that Verdejo was reportedly questioned by the police regarding Rodriguez's disappearance, ESPN reported that the former champion refused to answer. The outlet reported that police has said that Verdejo is a person of interest in the case but currently not a suspect.

Rodriguez's sister, Bereliz Nichole, had raised an alarm regarding her disappearance in a video on her personal Facebook page. Boxing Scene reported that a pink alert was issued by the authorities.

Accusing the boxer behind her daughter's disappearance, Rodríguez's mother, Keila Ortiz, said that the couple knew each other since middle school. "He was threatening her not to have her baby. We are very happy because it is her first baby. We were happy with the news that she was going to be a mom. She told him, calm down, I will have her baby, you don't have to recognize it. My baby's name (will carry) my last name, calm down. I'm not going to bother you. And he told her no, that he is a public figure, that he (was worried about his career in) boxing," said the mother.

Claiming that in her last call with her mother on Thursday morning at 7.00 am, Rodríguez said that she was at her apartment waiting for Verdejo to arrive so she could provide him the results of a blood test that confirmed she was expecting with him. Verdejo, who is married to Eliz Marie Santiago, has a two-year-old-daughter.

Social Media Questions Verdejo's Role in Disappearance

Big Fight Weekend stated that on Thursday night Verdejo's wife confirmed their relationship to the police during questioning.

El Vocero reported that the police also spotted a Dodge Durango SUV, similar to the one that Verdejo owns, in the surveillance video taken on Thursday morning of the bridge over the lagoon.

The case has left many social media users enraged who are accusing Verdejo behind his mistress's disappearance. "Boxer Felix Verdejo may have murdered his pregnant girlfriend. Absolute piece of shit if he's found guilty," wrote a Twitter user.

"Felix Verdejo is a murder suspect!? He possibly murdered his pregnant girlfriend," wrote another.

"@trboxing y'all need to cancel Felix Verdejo contract his pregnant girlfriend of 11 years is missing, and they just found a body! He don't want to cooperate with authorities he was the last person seeing her alive!!#felixverdejo #keihsla #justice," wrote another.