Father and Son Capture in Shocking Christmas Day Double Homicide Case of Pregnant Teen and Her Boyfriend

19-Year-Old accused Christopher Preciado has no criminal history

In a significant development, the father-son duo of 53-year-old Ramon Preciado and 19-year-old Christopher Preciado has been apprehended in connection with the tragic double homicide that unfolded the day after Christmas. The victims, identified as 18-year-old Savanah Nicole Soto, who was nine months pregnant, and her boyfriend, 22-year-old Matthew Guerra, were discovered lifeless inside a vehicle at a local apartment complex.

Christopher Preciado

The couple had been reported missing by family members just days before Christmas, prompting the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue a CLEAR alert for Soto on Christmas Day. Authorities, piecing together the timeline, believe that the fatal incident occurred on December 21 during a drug deal gone awry involving Christopher.

Ramon Perciado

Police discovered crucial information on Savanah Soto's cellphone within the vehicle where the tragic incident occurred, prompting them to trace a vehicle captured on surveillance footage. Following the release of images of the suspect vehicle to the public, leads guided authorities to a residence where both the father and the son were located. Ramon Preciado, the father, answered the door and willingly cooperated with law enforcement.

Christopher, with no prior criminal history, remained silent as law enforcement escorted him to a separate vehicle. In contrast, his father, Ramon, who has a history of criminal involvement, faces charges of abuse of a corpse for allegedly assisting in relocating the victims' bodies.

While specifics of Ramon's criminal record were not disclosed, the severity of the charges against both father and son is underscored by the set bonds. Ramon's bond stands at $100,000, while Christopher faces a substantial $1,000,000 bond.

Collaborating closely, the San Antonio Police Department and the Bexar County District Attorney's Office are actively assessing whether additional charges will be brought against the accused. As the community grapples with the tragic loss of two lives, the unfolding investigation seeks to shed light on the circumstances leading to this heart-wrenching Christmas Day incident.