Fact Check: Video Shows Semi-Naked Christians Suffocating to Death Inside Plastic Bags Kept in the Sun by Taliban

A viral claim suggesting that Taliban terrorists are making Christians in Afghanistan die a slow and painful death by stuffing them in a plastic bag is found to be fake. Multiple videos and posts have emerged on social media platforms fueling the misinformation.

Following the complete takeover by Taliban in August following the exit of U.S military, concerns have been raised about the oppression of Christians and religious minorities in Afghanistan.

Taliban Oppression Continues on Christians in Afghanistan

The recent claim appeared in a Spanish language video posted on September 5. Later, the same video surfaced on social media on September 12. An FB post accompanying the video read, "Alot of evil things is happening around the world, and they're the signs of the End time as the prophecy hath spoken of the signs that will happen before the Rapture of the church. Those are the Christians who refuse to deny their faith in Christ in Afghanistan, they were tied in nylon to get suffocated till they die."

Another post, carrying the same video, read, "Christians wrapped in nylon bags to die slowly in Afghanistan. These people need our prayers. Imagine this are Muslims in Myanmar you will people like Angela Mickel, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Biden, United Nations, African Union Including President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria calling for action. But since they are Christians... Hmmm the world is silent including the so call G7."

The nearly-minute long footage showed people, some naked, tied inside huge plastic bags closed from the top. They were left of a street under the sun as onlookers surrounded them.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claims made in the posts and videos, AFP Fact Check reported that the viral video was from an anti-government protest held in Medellin, Colombia, in May this year.

The video, uploaded on May 27, 2021, carried a caption in Spanish language; "Performance [packed] in Medellin during a national strike on May 26, 2021". Medellin is one of the largest cities in Colombia.

The performance was a symbolic tribute to people who had been recently been killed in Columbia. The protests, which started in April, were caused following a tax-reform bill proposed by the government to stabilize public debt and fiscal deficit. Following the massive protests, the bill was removed few days later, but the protests continued.

The outlet reported that the images from the protest were also uploaded on multiple social media handles.