Fact Check: Jill Biden Arrested in Atlanta, Charged With Elder Abuse, Says Hoax That Returns

A viral claim suggesting that First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, was arrested on the charges of elder abuse is found to be hoax. The claim suggested that the arrest was made at Tyler Perry's house in Atlanta.

It isn't the first time that Jill has received backlash regarding the health of her husband, Joe Biden ever since he was sworn in as the 46th U.S. President in January.

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Jill Biden To be Charged With Elderly Abuse?

It isn't the first time that fake reports of 'Jill Biden's arrest' have surfaced either. Last year, Genesius Times published an article titled, "BREAKING: Jill Biden arrested for elderly abuse." The satire website describes itself as "THE MOST RELIABLE SOURCE OF FAKE NEWS ON THE PLANET."

The article claimed that Jill was arrested for elder abuse after months of forcing her senior-citizen husband Joe Biden into the public spotlight despite his declining cognitive inabilities. "An interview with Joe Biden revealed Jill forcing her husband to answer questions with a cattle prod. Immediately following the interview, Delaware's Adult Protective Services arrested the former Second Lady. State authorities have accused her of mistreatment, manipulation, and exploitation of a vulnerable adult," the article read.

The hoax resurfaced again after a video claiming the FLOTUS's arrest emerged on social media. The video was titled, "SH0CKED BIG UPDATE SEP 08, 2021 ! JILL BIDEN HAS BEEN ARRĘSŤED." It opened: "Well it's just. It's huge. About Joe Biden. Joe Biden's wife."

The video, which lasts 12-minutes, includes nothing concrete about the arrest of Jill. The Lead Stories reported that it started with the photographs of President Biden and former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, along with other random elected officials and Biden family photos.

While there was no photograph showing Jill's arrest, the voiceover gave details about Jill Biden's purported arrest, claiming it happened at Tyler Perry's mansion in Atlanta and that she was "scheduled to be arraigned on charges of elder abuse."

Here is the Truth

Debunking the viral report, the fact-checking outlet said that it was not true. Stating that the FLOTUS gave many public appearances since the news emerged, the outlet stated that the hoax was based on a satire article published in 2020.

The outlet even stated that arrest records in Fulton County and Cobb County do not mention anything about the arrest of Jill Biden. However, despite the news being fake, there were many who either fell prey to the hoax or demanded arrest of the first lady.

"@FLOTUS you should be arrested for elder abuse. Joe has dementia. You all are keeping him hyped up on meds. He has no business being president. YOU allowed the corrupt left to use you & Joe to steal the election. In no way, shape or form did Joe and Kamala win in 2020. NO WAY," read a tweet.

"dOcToR" Jill Biden @FLOTUS should be arrested on multiple felony charges of Elder Abuse, Exploitation Of Elderly/Mentally-Diminished etc etc etc," opined another user.

"Jill Biden should be arrested for spousal abuse. She knew that Joe was incapable of doing the job but nooo she wanted to be First Lady. I'm sure that she used his vulnerability, Beau. Beau would want you to be President. Don't let Beau down. I'm feeling sorry for him," read another tweet.

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