Who is Katarina Rodriguez? TikTok Mom Makes 5-Year-Old Run in 104 Degrees For Getting 'Sad Faces' (VIDEO)

A woman received brickbats after she punished her 5-year-old son for not being attentive in his class by making him run in 104 degrees heat. The woman, identified as Katarina Rodriguez, posted the video on TikTok.

Apart from making the child run, Rodriguez also shamed him for not getting 'sad faces' on the reward board in the school.

Katarina Rodriguez
Katarina Rodriguez
Katarina Rodriguez made her 5-year-old son run as punishment.

Mother Accuses Son of Being Disruptive in School

The viral video begins with puffing sounds of the little child running on the footpath with his mother, who is recording his ordeal.

"My five-year-old doesn't want to listen in school. He makes disruptive noises, doesn't listen, thinks that he doesn't need to settle down when he comes from the playground," Rodriguez is heard saying the video.

She then pans the camera towards the child who is seen exhausted from running in the scorching heat. "We're gonna run in 104 degrees which is the equivalent to 40 degrees Celsius," she adds.

Shaming the child for getting 'sad faces' in the school, the woman says, "This is the first time we're gonna run for his sad faces that he gets at school. He thought we were just gonna run to the mailbox so he took off sprinting, running! Now he's dying."

When Rodriguez asks her son if he is going to behave in the school, the boy who is clearly making loud wheezing sounds replies with a "yeah."

"We're not gonna hit, we're not gonna spank, we're gonna discipline, we'll see what tomorrow brings," adds Rodriguez.

Rodriguez's Disciplining Method Questioned

The video drew a heavy response from the users. "God this is traumatizing. Punishment for not being able to listen in a classroom... There's obviously something else going on with them," commented a TikTok user.

"This lady is just sick how the f**k does she think its ok to have her little kid running in 104 weather he is literally wheezing and she posted three videos on how this is what she is doing to discipline her," tweeted a user.

The Daily Dot reported that in another video Rodriguez spoke about her reasons for making parenting choices. "Not that it's anyone's business, we've tried other disciplinary actions of grounding, taking away things, corners, whatever, and if those things work for your kids, great. Didn't work for mine," she said.

She even went on to claim that the punishment seemed to have worked as her son came home without negative behavior marks in the days following the punishment.