Facebook to launch new feature that allows users to raise money for personal causes

Facebook's new fundraising feature has uncanny similarities with that of platforms like Ketto and GoFundMe

Facebook is all set to roll out a new feature 'personal fundraiser' through which the social media can function as a personal fund-raising platform. It already had tools for charitable donations but now with this new feature, Facebook has expanded the tool to incorporate personal fundraisers, as well as more options to continue to fundraise for nonprofits.


Last year Facebook introduced the 'Donate' button but now the new feature will allow any and every verified Page on Facebook to add their own 'Donate' button in their posts and live broadcasts. According to the company, this is an effort to build a tool that would build a safe and supportive global community for all the people who are trying to do something good and new on the social media.

Essentially the personal fundraiser lets users raise money for themselves, a friend or even something that is not on Facebook, such as a pet. It will initially be launched as a beta version only in the US for people aged 18 or older.

"With more than 100 nonprofits to choose from at launch, people in the U.S. can create fundraisers and people in 39 countries can donate to their friends' fundraisers. We will be looking to expand the list of nonprofits you can fundraise for soon, with a goal of making this available widely to 501(c)(3) organizations over the coming year," said Facebook in a blog post.


For now, Facebook said its crowdfunding feature will only be available to raise money for six causes: education expenses, medical bills, medical procedures for pets, public crisis relief, personal emergencies like an accident or fire, and costs related to the death of a loved one.

While this feature might do good to some people in need, one cannot help but notice the uncanny similarities of the feature with that of platforms like Ketto and GoFundMe.

Facebook is unapologetically borrowing features from across the web in a bid to becoming 'everything' at once, said BGR.

Previously, Facebook started Live video and 360 degree video feature in order to compete with YouTube. The social media giant also went on to copy the Story feature of Snapchat and incorporated it in all the social media sites that Facebook owns - Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and now on its core app as well.