After Netflix and Amazon prime, Facebook to start broadcasting TV programmes?

Facebook is looking at a format that is weekly in nature and runs for thirty minutes.


It is no longer going to be just Netflix or Amazon prime where we can catch shows and movies from now on as Facebook is all set to have its own set of TV programmes. According to a WSJ report, the social media giant is gearing up to have original TV-format content or different varied genres after the grand success of Facebook live feature and is also ready to pay the big bucks for them.

Facebook is looking at a format that is weekly in nature and runs for thirty minutes. It is ready to offer the content creators an amount that is between a low to the mid-six-figure range. The report also said that Facebook is going to steer away from any controversy that may arise from its portrayal of hard news. During the presidential campaign of America, there have been several allegations, which pointed out that the Facebook algorithms were programmed to favour liberal contents over conservative contents in its news feed.

Right now the focus is all on getting enough content and form a kind of easing into to this new feature. "Our focus is on kickstarting the ecosystem here," Facebook CFO David Wehner was quoted saying. Although there hasn't been any buzz about how these shows are going to be broadcasted and whether it will come via the timeline or do you have to subscribe to it, but according to the WSJ, there has been a Facebook TV app in development for years now and this maybe just how Facebook finally decides to push it through to its users.

This article was first published on March 6, 2017
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