Facebook's mind reading device may be unveiled next month

Reportedly the hardware would allow users to share information telepathically.

According to a latest report, Facebook is currently working on the development of at least four consumer products that will be launched in an April event this year. The social networking giant had launched a futuristic hardware division called Building 8, last year. Building 8 is said to be somewhat similar to the Google X, the experimental lab behind Google's autonomous car project.

Building 8 is the one responsible for creating these new upcoming products for Facebook. One of these prototypes by the lab is a "brain computer interface", which sounds a lot like the futuristic telepathic thought-powered Facebook.

According to a report by Business Insider, this could be unveiled at Facebook's developer conference next month, along with a drone, an augmented reality (AR) device and a medical project that is being led by "an interventional cardiologist from Stanford with expertise in early-stage medical device development".

Despite having very minimal experience in the hardware business, Mark Zuckerberg's company wants to sell millions of units of the hardware products developed by the Building 8, stated people close to the matter, reported Independent.

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