F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Actress Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul Dishes About Her Love for K-pop

Actress Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul, who is currently portraying the female lead in Thai drama adaption of Yoko Kamio's popular manga Boys Over Flowers, has dished her love for K-pop. She portrays a high school girl named Gorya in the mini-series titled F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.

The actress recently sat down for an interview with GMMTV and shared a few details about her personal life, including her education, hobbies, collectibles, and more. During the interview, Tantivejakul revealed that she is a K-pop fangirl and was the president of the fangirling club in school.

The Thai actress also said she likes collecting photo cards and various merchandise. Her favorite K-pop bands and artists are EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT.

"As for a school club, I was the president of the K-Pop Fangirling Club. The things that I like and my collectibles are mostly about K-Pop albums. I collect photocards and various merchandise. My favorite K-pop bands and artists include
EXO, NCT, and Red Velvet," she said.

Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul
Thai actress Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul Instagram

Here is Why Tontawan Tantivejakul Loves Traveling to Korea and Japan

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers actress also spoke about her favorite destinations and food. According to her, she likes traveling overseas, especially in countries like Korea and Japan. Tantivejakul said she feels like going to Korea will help her be like a Korean girl.

"I feel like I get to be a Korean girl. Due to the nice weather, my skin looks great. Everything there is wonderful there. I like to travel to these cities because of nice lights, my photos looking beautiful, and spectacular views of the city," she said.

The actress then opened up about her love for carbs and Japanese foods. She said pizza, spaghetti, and bread are among her favorite foods. Tantivejakul also enjoys sashimi.

When asked about her education, she said, "I studied at Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmit Demonstration School. Then I went to Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School when I was in 7th grade. I was a student of that school for six years. Currently, I am studying at the Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University. I am becoming a third-year student."

Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul
Thai actress Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul with F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers co-star Jirawat Sutivanichsak. Instagram

The actress wrapped up her interview by opening up a bit about her character in F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. She said Gorya is a tough and strong girl. She stands firm for what she believes in quite strongly. She is unwavering and optimistic. She loves her family and is hard working.

The actress requested the viewers to watch the drama and cheer for Gorya. She asked the viewers to know more about Gorya in the upcoming episodes.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode 7 will air on GMMTV Saturday at 8.30 pm. International fans from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, and Indonesia, can watch the chapter with subtitles on the official YouTube channel of GMM25.

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