Is NCT member Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY member Ryujin?

NCT member Haechan has linked to ITZY member Ryujin again. The K-pop idols are secretly dating, according to a group of netizens. The eagle-eyed fans started discussing the relationship status of Haechan with Ryujin after seeing their messages on a private messaging app called Dear U Bubble.

Speculations about Haechan and Ryujin started doing the rounds online after a screenshot of their messages popped up on an online platform. A netizen posted the image online on January 29. It highlighted the similarities between Haechan and Ryujin's messages to their fans on Dear U Bubble.

K-pop idols are using the same words to message their fans on the platform. According to some netizens, the singers are in a secret relationship as this was not the first time Haechan and Ryujin were seen using the same words to message their fans on Dear U Bubble.

The netizens have seen them using the word sweet for sweet dreams and egg flower for describing the use of eggs while cooking ramen noodles.

Fans Reactions on Haechan-Ryujin Dating News:

It's possible to pick up words from your partner without you realizing it. I think this is their case.

Just let them date lmao It's weirder to think they aren't dating at this point.

I don't think it makes sense to use the same word by a pure coincidence lol They want people to notice.

There are plenty of other articles on Naver if you search that word. Are they dating too?

If they are not dating they should at this point lol The way they elongated the word isn't common.

Also with 'egg flower' haha It's too uncommon to deem it as purely coincidental.

Is NCT's Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY's Ryujin?
Is NCT's Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY's Ryujin? Instagram

When Haechan Captured Netizens' Attention for Following ITZY on VLive

This is not the first time the NCT member is linked to Ryujin. In May 2021, a group of netizens found out that Haechan is only following ITZY and NCT on VLive. Haechan was on a live session when his iPad screen was exposed online. He was reading the comments when some NCTzens captured the screenshot of all the channels he followed on the platform.

The eagle-eyed fans claimed that the NCT member is only following NCT and ITZY on the platform. Another group of netizens also claimed that both the singers share some couple items, similar phone cases, and Bluetooth headphones.

Although Haechan and Ryujin are speculated to be in a secret relationship, the K-pop idols and their agencies have not commented about it.