Bad Buddy Episode 11 Spoilers and Streaming Details: Pat and Pran to Enjoy a Trip Together

Bad Buddy episode 11 will air on GMM25 Friday at 8.30 pm ICT. The chapter will focus on how Pat helps Pran deal with the various challenges. According to the promo for this week, Pat and Pran will go on a trip. They will enjoy time together as their parents work out on the differences.

The video shows Pat and Pran enjoying the company of one another. They seem to be far away from their friends and family. Could it be the same place they visited during the campus trip? The viewers will get to know more about it in the upcoming episode.

Bad Buddy Episode 10 Recap

Last week, the mini-series featured the secret investigation of Pat and Pran. The couple tried to find out why their parents became rivals. Chai was the first person to help them with the inquiry. He cleared up all the misunderstandings they had about their parents. Chai informed Pat and Pran that the rivalry has nothing to do with business.

So Pat tried to get information about his father's rivalry with Pran's father from Professor Pichai. But Pat's meeting with the professor did not help him. The only information they managed to get from the professor was that their parents were good friends in school. So, they tried to dig in more details.

While checking out the old files, Pat discovered that Pran's mother and his father went to the same school. They went to the school to confirm it. From Ms. Payao, the couple found out that Pat's father and Pran's mother were brilliant students in school. According to Ms. Payao, they competed together in every competition, and the reason for their separation could be a love failure.

Bad Buddy
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The Real Reason for Rivalry

However, all the assumptions were proved wrong towards the end of Bad Buddy episode 10. After a few heated arguments, Pran's mother revealed that Pat's father cheated on her. She had to deal with lots of problems because of it.

Pat's father kept silent about it. He may take the initiative to end this fight between two families in episode 11. With just a week left for the finale, the viewership is curious to know what lies ahead for Pran and Pat. Will they get their happy ending? Watch Bad Buddy episode 11 on GMM25 Friday at 8.30 pm ICT.

International fans of the BL drama can watch the latest episodes on the official YouTube channel of GMM25 with subtitles. The uncut version of every episode is released on Fridays at 10.30 pm ICT on WeTV.