EXCLUSIVE Hex Coin Prediction: Crypto to Reach $0.40 By October 2021, Says Analyst

The co-founder of crypto, stocks and forex agency The Bomb Hustle, Dara Gadziala, predicted in May 2021 that Hex Coin would touch 13 cents in July, 2021 after studying its chart patterns. The prediction has turned out to be true, as Hex reached 14 Cents on July 16.

The International Business Times spoke exclusively to Gadziala about Hex Coin's future and the financial analyst remains bullish on the crypto and predicted that its price would triple in value in the coming two months.

Hex Cryptocurrency Coin

''I think within the next two months we could see a 40 cent Hex Coin,'' said Gadziala. ''Right now it's almost back to the all time high and if it breaks past $0.18 there is nothing to stop hex," she added.

However, she insisted that its current price of $0.12 should not make investors feel 'fear of missing out' as the coin would surge ahead from its present value and reach a lifetime high of $0.40 by October, 2021.

''Now is the last chance to get hex under $0.25 cents and once it breaks that I hate to say 'I told you so'. Hex's new project PulseChain just raised $25 million for the SENS Foundation and the to-be launched PulseChain will help make the price of Hex grow steadily in the coming months,'' she said.

Gadziala stated that Hex was relatively unknown to investors just a few months ago, and despite not being the talk of the town, the coin is inching slowly towards the $1 mark post its $0.40 ATH.

''A few months ago, only two YouTube channels were talking about Hex Coin and now that it's growing daily, every crypto channel have begun to talk about the project and especially with the launch of PulseChain to lower the gas fees to send ERC20 tokens, everyone will be talking and investing in Hex,'' she said.

Also, Hex Coin's founder Richard Heart created a record by raising $25 million for the SENS Foundation and would soon launch a new cryptocurrency PulseChain.

Hex Coin at the time of publishing was trading at $0.12 and was down -8.74% in the days trade. Just recently, rumours were also doing the rounds that Tesla CEO Elon Musk would invest in Hex cryptocurrency.