Hex Coin Founder Slams Dogecoin's Jackson Palmer; Calls Him 'Mentally ill' For Bad Mouthing Crypto Market

Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer recently went on a Twitter rant alleging that the crypto market is controlled by powerful vested interests. As the market is not regulated, the wealthy indulge in internal trading and their identity is not exposed, he added.

Jackson's startling revelations sent shockwaves across the cryptocurrency market and many people seem to be unhappy with the way he's spreading fear in the investment community.

Hex Coin Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

The founder of Hex Coin, Richard Heart, slammed Jacksan Palmer for his statements and accused him of having a ''mental disorder'' after selling his holding for a few pennies of profits.

Sharing the screenshot of Palmer's tweet, Richard hit against Palmer by saying that he hates cryptocurrencies despite starting one himself and also called him a ''no coiner''.

''This @dogecoin's founder. He hates #cryptocurrency. I've seen his mental disorder before. It's called "I sold my future for pennies on the dollar itis." Don't be a #nocoiner. Bring #crypto adoption! http://PulseChain.com 's sacrifice brings adoption to #doge! @elonmusk,'' he tweeted.

Jackson, at the time of publishing, did not respond to Richard's tweet on him and chose to remain mum and let his own tweets do the talking on how the crypto market is controlled by the rich.

The Hex Coin's founder seems to be leading the way in promoting the crypto market and regularly shares analysis and insights about various other coins in the market giving hope to common investors that they too can make it big and make their finances reach 'to the moon'.

Hex crypto saw a phenomenal rise in 2021, as it was available for purchase for just 1 cent in May and rose 1700% in just two months and now trades at 17 cents making its early investors have a fistful of dollars.

Financial expert Dara Gadziala, who is the co-founder of crypto agency The Bomb Hustle, predicted that Hex coin would cross 20 cents by October 2021 and had also previously predicted in May that Hex would cross 13 cents in July as per the chart calculations, which turned out to be true.

At the time of publishing Hex Coin was trading at $0.17 and is up +26.6% in the days trade and Dogecoin is trading at the same level $0.17 and is down -7.31%.