Ex-PRISTIN Kyla to Leave Twitter, Clarifies Dating Rumors With SEVENTEEN's Vernon

Former PRISTIN member Kyla Massie said that someone was impersonating her on social media and spreading false news.

Former PRISTIN member Kyla Massie took to Twitter to clarify various rumors surrounding her, including her dating history. The Korean-American rapper and former leader of PRISTIN Kpop group also spoke about her relationship with SEVENTEEN's Vernon and revealed truth about her claim of PRISTIN members dating.

Kpop group PRISTIN was disbanded nearly a year ago, but the leader of the group Kyla made headlines after her reaction to former PRISTIN and current HINAPIA member Yeabin using the N word during her Instagram live. During the livestream Yeabin was singing Nicki Minaj's Superbass and used the N word that was not taken well by the netizens.

Kyla Massie Vernon
Former PRISTIN member clarified about the rumors of her dating SEVENTEEN's Vernon Instagram

Reacting to the same, Kyla tweeted "karma is a b*tch." This was also taken negatively by netizens and some threatened to reveal the corruption of the Kpop group PRISTIN that included of Kyla and Yeabin as former members. Kyla challenged the fans to reveal everything and said that PRISTIN had become corrupt long before it was disbanded. Fans left no stone unturned to put on social media whatever they knew about the group.

Truth About Kyla Dating Vernon, Eunwoo Dating Haknyeon

Even Kyla's earlier tweet that had revealed PRISTIN members dating history was revealed. Accordingly fans alleged that Kyla had tweeted that PRISTIN's Eunwoo was dating Haknyeon from The Boys, Hyunnin from JBJ and Kyulkyung was dating Woozi from SEVENTEEN.

The rumors also claimed that Kyla was dating SEVENTEEN's Vernon based on Kyla's sister Karisa's remarks on a live-stream. Kyla also said that she didn't date anyone while she was signed under Pledis Entertainment. She termed her sister Karisa's remarks about Vernon as joke.

Kyla wrote a letter to debunk all the allegations and said that these tweets did not come from her official account and that someone was impersonating her on social media and posting these messages. Kyla said that all these rumors were false.

Why Kyla Left PRISTIN?

While stating that she was not in a relationship with Vernon, Kyla gave an explanation about why she left PRISTIN. She said that she was in the U.S. under treatment for a head injury when PRISTIN was disbanded. Her doctor in the U.S. had warned against taking part in any activities for the time being as there was a danger of damage to her brain. But before she could recover and return to Korea, PRISTIN was disbanded.

The major reason why Kyla was facing a backlash was her previous tweets that gave an impression that she was transphobic. Reacting to the same, Kyla said that she was pro-LGBTQ movement. "I would like to state that I am pro-LGBTQ+... I take full responsibility for the moderator's actions and sincerely apologize on their behalf as well," wrote Kyla on Twitter. Following malicious comments, Kyla announced that she will be leaving Twitter.

"I would like to clarify that I am not trying to be anyone other than myself. I am living comfortably and following my path in life one step at a time. Whether you choose to follow with me is completely up to you," she told her fans in her last tweet.