Here's the TRUTH Behind Former Girl Group Member Soo Yeon's Pregnancy 'With Sponsor'

The Kpop singer mentioned in the Instagram post is not Bom Soo Yeon's, her agency has clarified.

News of a former girl group member's pregnancy after allegedly being in a conditional relationship with a sponsor is making rounds on social media, shocking Kpop fans. The news started spreading after the singer posted her story on her Instagram account. The fans were shocked to see the photograph of ultrasound test from the same account, claiming that she was pregnant.

The former KPop star in question is said to be Bom Soo Yeon of Pocket Girl band. Though the singer has not reacted to the issue, her agency has issued a clarification, reported Allkpop.

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Fake Account Impersonating Ex-Pocket Girls Singer

The agency has said that it is not singer Bom Soo Yeon's social media account. It claimed that someone was impersonating Soo Yeon on social media. Thus, the post and the picture shared from the account are false. The agency is trying to track down the person who has created the account and is also finding ways to get the problematic account deleted to stop the spread of misinformation.

The post from the fake account stated that Soo Yeon is said to have had relationships with various rich sponsors. Giving details, the post stated that when she was a member of the girl group she received offers from sponsors paying her a huge amount. Carried away by the money she decided to take up the offer.

Agency Tracking Down Impersonator

The post further said that the singer accepted a conditional offer from a sponsor and went to live in China. After coming back from China, she accepted an offer from another sponsor. In this conditional relationship she is said to have become pregnant. "I understand that the man won't take responsibility of me but now I don't know what to do..." the post claimed as reported by Allkpop.

Soo Yeon's agency is set to take legal action against the person spreading rumors about the singer. On the work front, Soo Yeon was part of the popular digital single Bang Bang of the girl group Pocket Girls in 2015. Currently, Soo Yeon is not a part of the girl group.