YouTuber Shin Tae Il Sets Private Parts on Fire on Live Broadcast, Ends up With Severe Burns

YouTuber Shin Tae Il ended up having second degree burns on his penis after accepting a challenge from his viewers on live broadcast.

People take on weird challenges to become popular and retain their fan base. Social media streaming is one way to make a name and also earn money. Popular YouTuber Shin Tae Il too tried to do something different during his live broadcast on August 6 and ended up getting second degree burns on his private parts.

YouTuber Shin Tae Il, who is known to play video games with the viewers in his live broadcasts, accepted a challenge from his viewers recently. The viewers had told him to be ready to receive punishment if he fails to defeat them all and come first in the "Fall Guys" game. Shin Tae Il agreed to the condition and started playing. But he lost the game and it was then the viewers announced what his punishment was.

Shin Tae Il
YouTuber Shin Tae Il's fiery act goes wrong, suffers second degree burns on his private parts. YouTube screengrab

Punishment Leaves YouTuber Burning!

Accordingly, Shin Tae Il was asked to set fire to his private parts for five seconds. As agreed earlier, Shin Tae Il decided to not back out from his promise and came back in seconds wearing an undergarment. In the live video, he started pouring lighting fluid on his penis. Then he lit it with the lighter. Shin Tae Il soon started screaming as the fire started burning his penis.

He went away from the camera but could be heard screaming and moaning. He was seen lying on the floor. Later he announced that he was in a lot of pain and his private part was severely injured.

Netizens who witnessed the act expressed shock over Shin Tae Il agreeing to do the stunt. They slammed him for not understanding the seriousness of the act. However, there were some who commended him for not backing out on the promise he had made. He also announced that he had visited the hospital and he was diagnosed with second degree burns on his penis.

Of late, YouTube live streaming has been a rage among youths. Especially playing games is a big business on platforms like Twitch. In recent news, Dr Disrespect, an ace gamer and streamer who was banned from Twitch on June 26, returned to streaming o YouTube. In the one-hour live stream Dr Disrespect did not even show his face. But the live stream was watched by 7,225,579 viewers just for the love of the game and the streamer.

This is an example why people do even weird things on live broadcast and don't dare to go against their fans in the hope of becoming a popular streamer like Dr Disrespect, so that they can earn name, fame and also good money.