Ex-AOA member Kwon Mina Reveals Facing Sexual Assault in School; Harasser is Now a Celebrity

Kwon Mina, actress and former member of AOA group, has revealed that she was a victim of sexual assault in her middle school days. Without naming the harasser, the 27-year old has claimed that she had forgiven the harasser after he had lent an apology for his misbehaviour.

Kwon Mina
Kwon Mina Kwon Mina Instagram

Mina Shares the Story on Insta Live
The actress, during her live Instagram broadcast, spoke about the difficulties that she faced in her childhood days. She revealed that financial problems forced her to take up part-time jobs and she was eventually forced to drop out of school.

The Click Your Heart girl then remembers accompanying her friend to an isolated place against her will. Kwon Mina tells that a boy, who was senior to her, was at the empty house with his friends and he physically assaulted Kwon Mina before sexually harassing her.

"The boys were all standing still, and I was beaten for hours with a beer bottle and with their fists. I was beaten repeatedly and raped," she is quoted as saying by Kpopstarz.

Talking about the stress, Kwon Mina wonders how she stood the harassment.

The Dead Issue
According to her, the harasser is a well-known personality now and people could recognise him even if she gives a small hint about him. However, the issue is now dead since the person had lent an apology to Kwon Mina. So, she never reported the incident.

"Eventually he let my friend and me go... but I got upset over why it had to happen to me. So I insisted that he apologizes to me before I leave. He then admitted that what he did was wrong and said sorry. And I'm pretty simple when it comes to apologies. Once he admitted his fault and apologized, I didn't think to hold it against him anymore.

And I didn't report the incident because I didn't want to get into bigger trouble, with my parents finding out about what happened. I didn't want my mom to know, so I covered up all of my bruises with my clothes." Koreaboo quoted her as saying.

Kwon Mina Shin Jimin
Former AOA member Kwon Mina accused Shin Jimin of bullying her for 10 years. Instagram

Last year, she was in the centre of a controversy when she made bullying allegations against AOA's then group leader Shin Ji Min popularly known as Jimin. The 27-year-old actress wrote in her Instagram post how she had tried to take her life on a number of occasions, following the bullying incidents.

She had also alleged about her former agency FNC Entertainment not paying her properly and shocked fans after posting a self-harm picture on Instagram.

This article was first published on March 8, 2021
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