Mina-Jimin Controversy Hits AOA Seolhyun Hard; Singer to Be Removed From Night And Day Drama?

Mina's recent post of her slashed wrist on Instagram left Kpop fans furious.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina's accusations of bullying against Jimin are far from subsiding even after the latter left the group and the entertainment industry. Kpop fans started picking on AOA member Kim Seol Hyun, popularly known as Seolhyun, as Mina accused her of being a bystander when she was being bullied.

Ever since Jimin's bullying issue made headlines, the latter's closeness to Seolhyun put the singer in trouble and she started receiving hate comments. Netizens started demanding that even Seolhyun must be removed from the Kpop group AOA. The latest demand is to remove Seolhyun from the drama Night And Day where she plays the role of a police officer.

Mina Seolhyun
Former AOA member Kwon Mina had accused singer Seolhyun of being a bystander when she was being bullied by Jimin. Instagram

Night And Day Stands by Seolhyun

Night And Day stars Namgoong Min in the lead role. Seolhyun plays Gong Hye Won, a police inspector at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. According to Soompi, a source from the production house of the drama has reacted to the demand to remove AOA member from the cast list and said that they are not going to take any action regarding this.

"We plan to go forward as planned. Unless the actor expresses a wish to step down herself, we will not make any changes," stated Soompi as told by a source from the Night And Day production. Currently the drama is being filmed and is set to be released by the end of this year [exact date not revealed yet).

Will Mina-Jimin Row Cost Seolhyun Her Career?

Seolhyun has not reacted to the negative comments yet. In fact, recently Mina again posted an image of her slashed wrist on her Instagram account and she was rushed to the hospital. Currently, she has been discharged and her agency assured that she is receiving further treatment at her mother's home. This has enraged the Kpop fans who are accusing Jimin and Seolhyun of pushing Mina to take the extreme step.

As Jimin has already left the group and the industry, netizens are demanding that even Seolhyun must be removed from the group. It can be noted that FNC Entertainment that represents AOA members had issued a statement regarding Jimin's departure from the group after the agency received flak from netizens in the bullying row. However, FNC Entertainment has not reacted on Seolhyun's issue so far.