Lee Na-eun Paying Heavy Price for Hyunjoo's Bullying Accusations

Lee Na-eun is paying a huge price over the bullying accusations mounted by her former April member Hyunjoo. The actress' portions are being edited out from her projects and she has started losing commercials as well.

Lee Na-eun Paying Heavy Price for Hyunjoo
Lee Na-eun and Hyunjoo. Instagram

How it is Affecting Her?
SBS was first to announce that her portions are largely being edited out from the forthcoming episode of Delicious Rendezvous. She was set to do a cameo in the episode which will be aired on 4 March.

The latest reports in the Korean media claim that she is being left out from the promotions of SBS drama Model Taxi. "The filming for the promotional video was originally scheduled for March 2, but it's been cancelled. We have changed the date to March 5 and will reduce the filming to just 2 of the main characters, Lee Je Hoon and Lee Som. Though Naeun is a main character, she'll be excluded from the video." the producers are quoted as saying by Allkpop.

However, the discussions are still on whether or not to retain her in the show as many episodes have already been shot. This apart, Lee Na-eun has lost the commercials from the brands like Good Day soju, Youth soju, J.ESTINA, JinnyKim, and Samjin Pharmacy's Geworin tablets.

In addition to the bullying allegations, the dating rumours with Yunyoung from A-Jax and her casual comments on rape before she made her debut are not working in favour.

Hyunjoo's School-bullying Issue
A person claiming to be the brother of actress Hyunjoo has made bullying allegations against the members of the girl group April. His post read, "She was bullied and ostracized in the group, and due to that, she suffered from many things like panic disorder and breathing difficulties. She even tried to take her own life." The Complete Post can be read below:

Hyunjoo Controversy
The viral letter written by the person claiming to ber Hyunjoo's brother. Social Media Site

Meanwhile, the talks between Hyunjoo and the DSP Media over bullying allegations made by the actress against the former members of her April group have failed following another scandalous post surrounding the issue made by a person claiming to be the victim's brother. The agency has now decided to take legal action against her along with her family members.

This article was first published on March 3, 2021
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