Former AOA Mina Terminates Contract With Agency After Suicide Attempts, Bullying Controversy

Kwon Mina had signed up with Woori Actors just four months ago. The agency said that the decision was taken based on the advice of Mina's doctor.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina is in news again. The latest development states that the Kpop star has terminated her contract with Woori Actors. The agency made an announcement regarding the termination of the contract on September 26.

Woori Actors stated that the discussion about ending the contract was taking place for the last one month. In fact, Mina had signed with the agency just four months ago. The singer-actress' decision to take a break is said to be the reason behind ending the contract.

Kwon Mina
Former AOA member Kwon Mina has parted ways with her agency Woori Actors. Instagram

Contract Ended on Doctor's Advice

The contract officially came to an end on September 21, after Mina had celebrated her birthday. The last act of the agency was to deliver the gifts and receipts fans had sent to Mina. In a letter written to fans, Mina had requested her fans not to send anything related to her to the Woori Actors. However, she also clarified that in case the agency receives anything in her name, her manager would reach it to her.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions. I have a lot to say as well, but I can't say everything now. Please wait a little longer. Thank you, and I'm sorry. Anyways, do not send anything that is related to me to Woori Actors anymore. But since my manager graciously told me that they will receive them and deliver them to me, please do not worry," read Mina's letter to her fans.

Woori Actors too issued a statement on the agency's official Instagram handle. "Though many have already seen news articles and Kwon Mina's fan cafe, we are informing everyone that Kwon Mina has terminated her contract with Woori Actors. This decision reflects the opinions of Kwon Mina's doctor, who hopes that she will be in a more free and relaxed state while taking rest," the agency stated the reason behind the end of contract.

"However, until she finds a new agency and decides to resume her activities, the company will provide her with unconditional assistance if there is anything she needs from the company. We hope you continue to love her as much as you do now," said the statement from the agency.

Mina's Suicide Attempts

In July 2020, Mina had revealed that AOA group leader Shin Ji Min popularly known as Jimin had bullied her over 10 years. She also wrote in her Instagram post how she had tried to take her life on a number of occasions, following the bullying incidents.

"Thanks to unnie [referring to Jimin], I've been eating multiple tablets of medicine a day and my left wrist is so cut up that the nerves aren't working and it stings and hurts. But seeing my mom, I have to live on, I have to earn money. So I am going for scar treatments diligently and although I still have nightmares," Mina's post read.

This became a serious issue of discussion and Jimin started receiving hate messages on her social media pages. This eventually led to Jimin quitting not only AOA team and her agency FNC but also the entertainment industry in August.

Soon after the news of Jimin leaving the industry broke, on August 9, Mina posted an image of her slashed wrist on Instagram again. Her agency representatives had rushed her to hospital and she was saved before the injury turned serious. Later, Mina apologized to her fans for worrying them and promised not to repeat the same.

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