Empire season 6 episode 11 release date, spoilers: Can't Truss 'Em may feature Cookie's demise

Empire season 6 episode 11 (mid-season premiere) is titled Can't Truss 'Em and it is likely to feature the demise of Cookie Lyon.

Empire season 6 is returning with a new episode on Fox Channel next week. The mid-season premiere episode is titled Can't Truss 'Em and is scheduled to air on Tuesday, March 3. Episode 11 will feature the demise of a lead character and it could be Cookie Lyon. The upcoming chapter will include a shocking revelation about the future of Lyon family.

With just a week left for the popular musical drama series to be back on screens, Fox has revealed some new details about the show, including the official synopsis. According to the short summary, the upcoming chapter will feature troubled moments for the Lyons. They will not just have to deal with the trauma of losing a family member, but the Lyons will also have to face some unexpected challenges in the upcoming episode.

Who will die in the mid-season premiere episode of Empire season 6?

Cookie will probably bid adieu to all in episode 11, titled Can't Truss 'Em. Her demise was teased through episode 4 of the final season. In the chapter titled Tell the Truth, a flash forward scene shows Cookie inside a car that explodes suddenly. According to showrunner Brett Mahoney, viewers will get to know more about it in the mid-season premiere episode.

Empire season 6 returns on March 2. Facebook/Empire

During an interview with TV Line, Mahoney also said that Cookie is less likely to make it out alive from the explosion. The official synopsis for episode 11 also teased the demise of a Lyon. Does this mean that episode 11 will mark the end of Cookie's character? Followers of the musical drama series will have to wait until March 3 to know more about it.

Check out the official synopsis for Empire season 6 episode 11, titled Can't Truss 'Em, below: