Empire season 6 mid-season premiere episode release date, spoilers; live stream details and more

From release date and spoilers to cast updates and live stream details, here is everything to know about the mid-season premiere episode of Empire season 6

Empire season 6 is less than a month away from its mid-season premiere episode and showrunner Brett Mahoney has teased the demise of two major characters in the comeback episode. Yes, you heard it right. Lucious and Cookie may bid adieu to all in episode 11, which is scheduled to air on Fox Channel on Monday, March 2.

The title and synopsis for the new episode are yet to be released. But Mahoney hinted that the episode will pick-up right from where the show left off in episode 10. The Showrunner also teased some troubled moments for the onscreen couple when the show returns nearly after a three-month-long hiatus.

Before getting into the details of episode 11, here is a quick recap of the mid-season finale episode. Right from the premiere episode of Empire season 6, the show was teasing the demise of Lucious and Cookie through flash-forward scenes. The viewers got to know more about the scene in episode 10 that featured an unexpected encounter between Cookie, Lucious and Tracy. When the episode ended, Cookie and Lucious were at the gunpoint of Tracy.

Who will kill Lucious – Cookie or Tracy?

Empire season 6 returns on March 2. Facebook/Empire

In the flash-forward scene that was featured in the premiere episode of season 6, Lucious was shot multiple times and the mid-season finale episode showed Tracy pointing a gun on him. Now, the biggest question that is revolving around the viewers' mind is if Tracy will kill Lucious. According to the Showrunner, viewers cannot rule out the chances of it. But they will have to wait until the telecast of episode 11 to know more about it.

Mahoney also hinted about the role Cookie could play in taking the life of Lucious. "I think she was so frustrated [about Lucious refusing] to sign the divorce papers that, [although] she definitely doesn't plan on it... could she be pushed to it? I don't know," he said during an interview with TV Line.

Will Cookie bid adieu to all in the mid-season premiere episode?

Another question that is revolving around the viewers' mind is the fate of Cookie. She was seen inside a car that exploded in the flash-forward scene featured in episode 4. The showrunner said viewers will get to know about the person who was behind the explosion in the mid-season premiere episode. He also said Cookie may not make it out alive from the explosion.

The mid-season premiere episode of Empire season 6 is scheduled to air on Fox Channel on March 2. Until then, the followers of this musical drama series can catch up with the first 10 episodes of the final season online here.