Vikings Season 6 Episode 11 spoilers: Bjorn will return for final battle, confirms Alexander Ludwig

  • Episode 11 of Vikings season 7 may not feature the farewell of Bjorn Ironside.

  • The story of this fan favourite character is not over yet, hints Alexander Ludwig.

  • The cast member further teased a final battle for his character in episode 11.

When Vikings season 6 returns with episode 11, the viewers will probably get to see Bjorn Ironside back in action. Cast member Alexander Ludwig has confirmed the story of his character is not over yet. The actor further said the fan favourite character could be back for a final battle because he has some unfinished business at Kattegat.

The King of Kattegat was seriously injured in the mid-season finale episode and there were several speculations doing the rounds about the character's death. Actor Ludwig seems to have put an end to all the rumours by confirming the demise of his character. But it is worth noting that the heartbreaking scene may not be featured in the mid-season premiere episode.

What to expect in episode 11?

As a powerful warrior and a great King, Bjorn cannot give up so easily. He will have to fight for his people till the last breath. That is what he is expected to do and that is something he is going to do when the show returns with a new episode of season 6 on History channel. So, the followers of this historical drama series can look forward to see him in action in the mid-season premiere episode.

This is how Ludwig explains the return of his character:

He doesn't go without a fight. And whether or not he is still alive, you will see a version of Bjorn is some way, shape, or form.

Actor Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Ironside in Vikings season 6. Facebook/Vikings

Is Bjorn really dead?

Though it is confirmed that the character is returning in the second half of season 6, the viewers cannot expect him to miraculously survive all those wounds, Ludwig alerted his fans. The actor further said things "certainly doesn't look good" for his character. He also asked his fans to be prepared for the worst.

"Because it's so obvious for Bjorn to finally come up and achieve all this greatness and take his brother down and save the day, and it's kind of what everybody secretly wants. And that's kind of what I loved about the choice is that he goes," Ludwig said in an interview with TV Guide.

Vikings season 6 may return with episode 11 in November. Facebook/Vikings

When will Vikings season 6 return with episode 11?

History channel is yet to confirm the air date for mid-season premiere episode. The show is currently expected to return with a new episode towards the end of this year. Since the series has been following a time gap of more than 10 month between every season, the viewers are looking forward to watch the second half of season 6 in November.