Elon Musk-Owned 'X' Offers Terrorist Groups to Buy Blue Ticks, Publish Longer Posts: Report

Tech Transparency Project (TTP), a non-profit organization, has uncovered concerning findings

Controversy has erupted around Elon Musk's social media platform 'X' as allegations surface regarding its alleged provision of subscriptions and verifications, including the coveted blue tick mark, to designated terrorist groups prohibited from operating in the United States.

According to a BBC report, the Tech Transparency Project (TTP), a non-profit organization, has uncovered concerning findings indicating that 'X' had bestowed blue tick marks upon two leaders of a US-designated terrorist group, as well as several other organizations sanctioned by the US government.

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The TTP report reveals that over a dozen 'X' accounts linked to US-sanctioned terrorist entities possessed blue ticks, a feature typically associated with premium subscriptions. Premium accounts on 'X' offer a range of benefits, including the ability to post longer texts and videos, along with increased visibility.

The watchdog identified a total of 28 accounts, with 18 of them obtaining verification status on X after April 1, 2023.

According to the TTP report, "The accounts identified by TTP include two that apparently belong to the top leaders of Lebanon-based Hezbollah and others belonging to Iranian and Russian state-run media.

The fact that X requires users to pay a monthly or annual fee for premium service suggests that X is engaging in financial transactions with these accounts, a potential violation of U.S. sanctions."

The Tech Transparency Project further uncovered advertisements within the comments section of 19 of these accounts, hinting at a potentially widespread issue. Of particular concern was the revelation that verified accounts associated with entities sanctioned by the United States were hosting advertisements in the comments of their posts, raising alarms about the possibility of these groups generating revenue from such ads.

In response to the allegations, 'X' has defended its actions, emphasizing robust systems in place to ensure compliance with legal standards regarding financial features.

The platform stated that it undergoes independent checks from payment providers to uphold regulations. Additionally, 'X' clarified that some accounts mentioned in the report are not directly listed on any sanction lists, and others with checkmarks may not be utilizing services subject to sanctions.

Assuring users of its commitment to platform safety and legality, 'X' stated that it thoroughly examined the report's findings and would take appropriate action if necessary. The platform underscored its dedication to maintaining a safe and legal environment for all users.

"X has a robust and secure approach in place for our monetization features, adhering to legal obligations, along with independent screening by our payments providers. Several of the accounts listed in the Tech Transparency Report are not directly named on sanction lists, while some others may have visible account check marks without receiving any services that would be subject to sanctions. Our teams have reviewed the report and will take action if necessary.

"We are always committed to ensuring that we maintain a safe, secure, and compliant platform," stated the official account of 'X.'

The implications of the TTP investigation are significant as they prompt inquiries into how social media platforms manage extremist content and adhere to international regulations. With growing awareness of these issues, scrutiny will continue regarding 'X's response and potential adjustments to enhance online safety.

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