Who is Jeanette Breen? NY Mid-wife Administers Unapproved 'Homeopathic Pellets' to Hundreds of Kids Instead of Vaccine; Banned and Fined $300,000

A licensed midwife in New York, Jeanette Breen, has been penalized for fabricating the vaccination records of nearly 1,500 school children. The New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Investigations revealed that Breen, who operated a clinic in Nassau County, provided thousands of oral pellets to children since 2019, falsely claiming them to be a viable alternative to vaccines.

Jeanette Breen
Jeanette Breen X

Breen Fined $300,000

NBC New York reported that as per the health department's investigation, Breen initiated her deceptive "scheme" during the 2019-2020 school year, administering a series of unapproved "homeopathic pellets" as an alternative to authorized vaccines.

The Health Department emphasized that these pellets lacked authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and were not approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the Department as immunizing agents against any diseases.

The falsified vaccinations included tetanus, hepatitis B, measles, and polio. Breen was found to have violated the state's Immunization Registry Law and faced a fine of $300,000 as a penalty from the Health Department.

Breen Permanently banned From Accessing Records

State Education Commissioner Betty A. Rosa issued a statement expressing the commitment to maintaining the highest health and well-being standards within educational institutions.

"By intentionally falsifying immunization records for students, this licensed health care professional not only endangered the health and safety of our school communities but also undermined public trust," Rosa's statement continued. "We are pleased to have worked with our partners in government to bring this wrongdoer to justice."

As a component of the resolution, Breen has remitted $150,000 of the $300,000 penalty, and the remaining sum is conditionally suspended pending her adherence to state health laws. Additionally, she is prohibited from administering any immunization that requires reporting to the state in the future, as outlined by the health department. Furthermore, Breen has received a permanent ban on accessing the state's immunization records system.

Erin Clary, a spokesperson for the health department, clarified on Thursday that the inquiry conducted by the agency did not center on parents and legal guardians who had sought and compensated Breen for her services.