Iran State TV Uses Anti-Semitic Former Labor MP Chris Williamson to Disrespect Queen Elizabeth After Her Death

Queen Elizabeth II was compared to Nazi leader Hitler on an Iranian state TV in a show of extreme disrespect following the British sovereign's death. The Iranian State TV stated that she died without standing trial. Queen Elizabeth should have been punished for colonial-era crimes, according to Iranian TV Channel 1.

Terming Elizabeth one of the greatest criminals in the history of mankind, the channel claimed that her legacy of the UK was full of crime, abomination and filth. Foad Izadi, who is linked to Tehran University, said on TV "Perhaps, in light of her 70 years on the throne, she should be included in the same list with Hitler." He also pointed out that "people should be sad about her death as queen died without being punished".

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Wikimedia Commons

Iran TV Compares Elizabeth To Hitler; Believes She Should Have Been Punished

"From a certain perspective, we should be sad that this person died because she died without standing trial, without being punished, and without paying for her crimes," said Izadi. The Queen is also termed a war criminal by another Iranian channel Press TV. "The Queen is a famous imperialist, colonialist, war criminal, the aggression of the British army throughout the world is done under her name," said former Labour MP Chris Williamson, who currently presents an anti-semitic conspiracy theory-laden show about Jews, on Press TV.

Queen Elizabeth II
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Williamson stated that there are a handful of people who have engaged in so many atrocities in the last century: Hitler, for example, some American presidents belong to that list, and Queen Elizabeth that oversaw the end of the British empire, according to Daily Star.

Elizabeth Was The Most Vicious Individual Of Last Century

Blaming the queen for the millions of death in the colonial era, Williamson said that the queen is responsible for that. "Justice was not delivered to one of the most vicious individuals of that last century."

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This article was first published on September 14, 2022