Nostradamus Predicted Elizabeth's Death in 2022; 16th Century's Astrologer Also Claimed Charles Will Abdicate And Be Replaced By A Mystery King

Renowned astrologer Michel de Nostredame had predicted centuries back that King Charles' will abdicate and he will be replaced by a mystery king, according to an author who reinterprets original predictions made by the astrologer. He had alleged that King Charles' reign will be very short. For centuries, Nostredame has excited the public imagination with his predictions and his prophecies about the future of the royal family are shocking.

The astrologer had also predicted that the queen Elizabeth II will die in 2022. "The preamble is that Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022, at the age of around ninety-six, five years short of her mother's term of life," claimed the author Mario Reading, a leading expert on the 16th Century astrologer, in her book published in 2005 that reinterprets original predictions made by Nostradamus.

Nostradamus Screegrab

Nostradamus Predicted Queen Elizabeth's Death in 2022

Using the cryptic poems written in 1555, Reading has tried to accurately predict the year of Elizabeth II's death.

Reading Used Nostradamus's Prophetic Poems

Reading goes on to speculate that the term "King of the Islands," used in one of Nostradamus's prophetic poems, means that by the beginning of King Charles III's reign, much of the Commonwealth will have broken away, leaving the realm confined to the British Isles, according to Daily Star.

Resentments Against Charles Still Persist

Reading also claimed that Prince Charles will take over the throne in 2022 at the age of 74. But he stated that "resentments held against him by a certain proportion of the British population, following his divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales, still persist". He also speculated that King Charles's great age pressure forces him to abdicate in Prince William's favor.

Most Unexpected Person Will Become King

But the dramatic claim emerged in his another book which was published the following year as he takes another look at Nostradamus' line "a man will replace him who never expected to be "king". It means that Prince William will not be in the picture, although, he's expected to succeed his father. The unexpected person could be Prince Harry.

Prince Harry Could Become King

Prince Harry, by process of default, becomes king in his stead? That would make him "King Henry IX, aged just 38", Reading says in his book.