Ebanie Bridges Lifts Her Shirt Mid-Interview and Flashes Her Boobs Leaving Interview Embarrassed [WATCH]

The Blonde Bomber last week created a snow angel with her boobs in the Essex snow and uploaded it on the adult subscription site.

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Ebanie Bridges left fans shocked after she lifted her shirt mid-interview and flashed her boobs, leaving the interviewer embarrassed. The shocking incident happened when Bridges was asked about her most recent weigh-in attire, a see-through lace underwear set that generated significant social media buzz prior to her fight with Shannon O'Connell.

A video of the incident has since gone viral. Bridges has also been quite active on OnlyFans and has been posting racy photos of hers lately. The Blonde Bomber last week created a snow angel with her boobs in the Essex snow and uploaded it on the adult subscription site.

Baring Her Breasts

Bridges caught the interviewer off guard after she was asked about her most recent weigh-in outfit, a see-through lace underwear set, of ahead her fight with O'Connell. Without thinking twice, Bridges lifted her shirt and flashed her boobs to the TV presenter. Speaking to Boxing King Media, she said: "Well what do you mean explain my weigh-in outfit?"

"What is it?" the interviewer asked And before he knew, it was staring straight at Bridges' breasts, getting an eyeful as she explained: "It's like lace, has my @, subscribe now. I don't know, what is it? It's sexy, isn't it?

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges seen lifting her shirt and showing her boobs to the stunned interviewer Twitter

"It's more pretty stripper not so much skanky stripper, you know what I mean?"

Bridges was making reference to O'Connell's pre-fight remarks that she was a "skanky stripper" for stripping off and competing in just her underpants.

Bridges had the last laugh after defeating her fellow Australian earlier this month in the eighth round. The 36-year-old had a fantastic weekend overall because she also launched her OnlyFans account.

Bridges on OnlyFans

Bridges has been super active since the day she launched her OnlyFans account. She has been adding a lot of content to the membership-based website, including a snow angel she sculpted in the snow in Essex using her boobs.

Bridges' life hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, either, as she had to undergo surgery on her right hand after defeating O'Connell and posted graphic images of the procedure online.

She's been frustrated with being out of action. She posted on Twitter that she had been "extremely silent clearly" and that she was "in a lot of pain owing to my surgery, both in my hand and hip, and that I was also on a lot of pain medications."

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges Twitter

"And tbh it's f***ing annoying typing with just my left hand. But thank you for the ongoing love and support guys have a blessed day."

Although Bridges is recovering from surgery, she is keeping her spirits up with a daring new hairstyle.