Ebanie Bridges Breaks the Internet after Stripping Down to Racy Blue Lingerie at Weigh-In Ahead of Fight with Miyo Yoshida

The Blonde Bomber, who is a master at grabbing eyes, prompted her promoter Hearn to divert his gaze to avoid being captivated by Bridges' striking physique.

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Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn had to quickly divert his gaze as Ebanie Bridges disrobed into stunning lacy blue lingerie during her famous weigh-in tradition, causing a stir. The Aussie boxer's extremely risque outfit not only left her fans stunned but also sparked outrage online as she stripped down for the weigh-in.

Bridges, who will face the seasoned Miyo Yoshida on Saturday at the Chase Center in San Francisco, has gained popularity among fans for her distinctive weigh-in attire. The Blonde Bomber, known for her scantily clad outfits, had earlier teased that she had something unique in store for Friday's weigh-in, and her revealing lingerie certainly lived up to that promise.

Breaking the Internet

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges stripped down to a racy blue lingerie at the weigh-in ahead of her fight with Miyo Yoshida X

Playfully, Bridges began shedding her tracksuit, revealing a lacy blue lingerie set that elicited enthusiastic cheers from the audience, indicating their approval of Bridges' choice. Despite the spectacle, Eddie Hearn, the promoter, maintained his focus throughout the weigh-in, never once shifting his gaze from looking directly into the audience during both the weigh-in and the subsequent face-off between Bridges and Yoshida.

The Blonde Bomber, who is a master at grabbing eyes, prompted her promoter Hearn to divert his gaze to avoid being captivated by Bridges' striking physique.

During a weigh-in against Bec Connolly, where Bridges appeared in a revealing leopard-print thong and matching bra, Hearn humorously chose to look upwards at the ceiling to maintain focus.

The Matchroom chief even acknowledged the ongoing jest as Bridges, wearing lace pink lingerie, participated in her weigh-in for the fight against Mailys Gangloff.

"Anywhere the eyes look, there are cameras everywhere, do you know what I mean?" Hearn said with a grin.

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges X

Some fans shared similar sentiments to Hearn during the weigh-in, with one person writing: "how do you keep them eyes fixed straight ahead?" while another was stunned as they commented: "Jesus Christ".

Not All Are Happy

However, some also slammed Bridges for her extremely racy lingerie. "Everyone gets dressed except Bridges," a commentator said when the fighters had the traditional face-off.

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges X

"Is this porn hub," was one reply to an Instagram story from fight promoter Matchroom Boxing.

"They are going to fight or make a film???" questioned another.

"This is boxing not porn wtf is this," replied another.

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges at the weigh-in X

However, Bridges has more fans than critics, and her weigh-ins have always been a hit given the racy outfits she dons. "For me, wearing a nice matching lingerie set is just like wearing a bikini," Bridges said after defeating Maria Cecilia Roman for the IBF title in March of last year.

"I am standing there owning what I look like and showing off my body that I've worked so hard to get. I want to be myself and go and enjoy that one moment.

"A weigh-in for me is like a bodybuilding competition. I do my hair and make-up, wear a cute little G-string, and smile for the cameras.

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges and Miyo Yoshida at the weigh-in before their Saturday night fight X

"It has absolutely nothing to do with, 'Oh, this is going to sell (fights)'. Thankfully it does. What I like to do sells. How I like to fight sells. But it's just me being me and doing what I want to do."

Initially slated to face fellow Australian Avril Mathie in a matchup playfully dubbed the 'Battle of the Boobs,' Bridges had to withdraw from the bout due to an injury.

Bridges, 37, is well-versed in the theatrics and excitement of boxing, actively embracing the spectacle that comes with it. Fans worldwide eagerly wait for her weigh-ins. While it's a huge part of her fight week, there's no doubt the Aussie is focused on defending her IBF bantamweight title.