Ebanie Bridges Shares Racy OnlyFans Photo after Instagram Removes It for Violating Guidelines

Bridges, 36, joined OnlyFans in December and has been promoting her more explicit content on Instagram ever since.

Ebanie Bridges is furious and has voiced her displeasure after Instagram removed one of her raunchy photos advertising her OnlyFans account, according to reports. The photo was reportedly didn't abide by the guidelines of Instagram, following which it was removed from the social media platform.

Bridges, 36, joined OnlyFans in December and has been promoting her more explicit content on Instagram ever since. In fact, she has been driving her fans wild with her saucy posts and photos both on Instagram and OnlyFans. So much so that she even recently flashed her boobs to an interviewer in the middle of an interview, sending her fans in shock.

Too Hot for Instagram

Ebanie Bridges OnlyFans
Ebanie Bridges shared this racy snap on Instagram to promote her OnlyFans account which was removed for violating guidelines Twitter

Days after Christmas, the Blonde Bomber posted a photo to her Instagram account in which she was wearing an eye-popping underwear, resting her boobs on a piano, and gazing passionately into the lens.

"I absolutely love getting to know my fans and talking 1-1 on my @onlyfans," Bridges captioned the image as she promoted her OnlyFans account.

Ebanie Bridges OnlyFans
Ebanie Bridges shared a screenshot of the message sent by Instagram after her racy lingerie snap was removed by the social media platform Twitter

Her fans, including Laura Woods, a favorite on Sky Sports, loved the photo and it instantly went viral. The well-known football announcer wrote, "Jesus Ebanie," using three flustered emojis, the Daily Star reported.

However, according to the outlet, Bridges has now disclosed that her post was removed because it violated community standards as a result of a content complaint.

"Your post has been removed. It goes against our community guidelines on adult sexual solicitation. Our guidelines encourage people to express themselves in a way that's respectful to everyone," Bridges shared an image from Instagram with this message.

"If you think that we've made a mistake, you can ask us to review our decision."

Bridges Annoyed

Although Bridges is unhappy, she didn't lash out at Instagram as there's little doubt that she felt Instagram had made a big mistake. However, she expressed her displeasure with the complaint made against the photo by the unknown Instagram user.

"Whoever is reporting me need to seriously get a f***en life," Bridges wrote on top of the screenshot from Instagram.

The post has been taken down, as can be seen by scrolling through the boxer's Instagram account. Other comparable posts, like one in which Bridges lifted her top during an interview to flash her boobs, are still available.

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges covered her breasts with just a Santa hat Twitter

The Blonde Bomber signed up with OnlyFans just ahead of her early December match against Shannon O'Connell. It should come as no surprise that her account has already amassed an astonishing 68,000 likes.

Bridges is currently offering new customers 60 percent discount for the first 31 days in an effort to lure them to learn more about her life "beyond the boxing" which she has promised.

She has been quite a sensation ever since she joined OnlyFans. The unofficial Queen of Australian boxing posed topless with just a Santa hat covering her breasts in the latest Christmas present for her fans.

Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges seen lifting her shirt and showing her boobs to the stunned interviewer Twitter

The Blonde Bomber showed off a holiday pair of red underwear while concealing her boobs with a traditional Santa cap as she teased her fans with a new OnlyFans video. Bridges added some ruby red lipstick to complete her nutcracker (quiet at the back) appearance while gazing longingly away from the camera.

"White Christmas' all around on my OnlyFans tonight. PS. Merry Christmas," the image sent her fans into overdrive. One fan wrote: "Wouldn't mind unwrapping you on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas," she captioned the photo.

A week before that Bridges created a snow angel with her boobs in the Essex snow and uploaded it on the adult subscription site.

The same week, week Bridges flashed her boobs to an interviewer mid-interview, leaving her fans shocked. She caught the interviewer off guard after she was asked about her most recent weigh-in outfit, a see-through lace underwear set, of ahead her fight with O'Connell.

Without thinking twice, Bridges lifted her shirt and flashed her boobs to the TV presenter. Speaking to Boxing King Media, she said: "Well what do you mean explain my weigh-in outfit?"

"What is it?" the interviewer asked And before he knew, it was staring straight at Bridges' breasts, getting an eyeful as she explained: "It's like lace, has my @, subscribe now. I don't know, what is it? It's sexy, isn't it?

Bridges was making reference to O'Connell's pre-fight remarks that she was a "skanky stripper" for stripping off and competing in just her underpants.

However, this time Bridges didn't have the last laugh as her photo despite garnering massives likes was removed by Instagram.