Earth to Face Doomsday Due to Alien Invasion if Multi-National Leadership is Absent, Expert Warns

Experts believe that the World Should Unite if a Hostile Alien Civilization Launches an Attack on Earth in the Future

Many space experts believe that humans are not alone in the universe, and they claim that advanced alien species might be living somewhere in the deep nooks of the universe.

If these advanced beings are now searching for life in the universe, there are possibilities that they could find earth, and we cannot rule out a possible invasion in the future.

Will Earth Face Doomsday Due to Alien Invasion?

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Clifford N Lazarus, the clinical director of the Lazarus Institute believes that the earth will be doomed if hostile aliens visit earth. He also added that multi-national leadership should prevail in the world if humanity wants to fight against a common enemy.

"It is critically important that we find a way to create a coordinated, global response to this mortal peril because it will almost inevitably not be the final pandemic our world will face. Without rational, scientifically guided and cooperative, multinational leadership, "ET" will prevail and human civilization as we know it will be doomed," wrote Lazarus in his recent article published in Psychology Today.

Lazarus also compared the coronavirus outbreak with a possible alien invasion that could happen in the future. According to Lazarus, the time of alien invasion is very much similar to the moments during a pandemic outbreak, where humans should unite as a single species irrespective of various barriers.

"If ever there was a time for joining forces and pulling together as a nation, a global community and a single species, this is it. COVID-19 does not recognize national borders or social boundaries. It will infect and possibly kill anyone regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, sex, age, education, wealth, social status, or political affiliation," added Lazarus.

Is Alien Hypothesis Valid?

Many conspiracy theorists believe that UFO sightings are authentic proof of alien existence, and they argue that advanced beings from other planets used to visit earth to monitor human activities. Recently, investigative journalist Leslie Kean also shared similar remarks, and she suggested that alien hypothesis could be the best option to explain UFO sightings.

"The extremely advanced technology that the objects have displayed since the 1950s. They demonstrate tremendous speed and accelerations, the ability to make sharp right-angle turns, stand still in midair, zoom off and disappear in the blink of an eye, and operate underwater. They appear to defy the laws of aviation as we know it since they have no wings or visible means of propulsion," said Keane.

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